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Welcome to Airsoft International HQ

Welcome to Ai-Mag – Airsoft International HQ. Ai, as we are known amongst friends, has been established for well over 17 years and is currently the most popular airsoft magazine in existence but we are so much more than just a printed product! The Ai brand has become a family, maybe even a cult over the years with numerous achievements and accomplishments under our belts. Pushing airsoft forward is what we do and we are glad to have you along for the ride!

Inside the magazine

Inside Airsoft International Magazine you’ll find a wealth of valuable information, from reviews, reports and group tests on guns and tactical equipment. Full, in-depth reviews of the latest releases are included every month along with how-to articles on upgrading, maintaining and getting the best out of your purchases. In addition to this, you’ll find a selection of talking points regarding the most contentious and burning points surrounding our hobby and passions. All of this is supported with a crisp, fresh design ethos and the highest quality professional photographs, Airsoft International is the closest thing to playing airsoft without your eye-pro on!

Our Blog

Our blog is now open to our supporters, simply register on this website to post a blog for us to review before going live. This is a free service that we hope you will love, please take a look at our How to Post a Blog page to see how it’s done. Any questions you may have please contact us via the contact page on this website.

CYMA CM.076 Full Metal

Many years ago, my first intro to airsoft began with a Cyma AK variant, which I imagine is the same case for many of you reading this review. I turned up in my hastily assembled load out, where I was passed a rental AK, a bag of ammo, a bacon sarnie, and a proper Yorkshire brew. The day was a good one. As my experience grew, my kit developed, and my arsenal moved from the cupboard to what is...

LOWA Zephyr Mid Boot GORE-TEX Lined

When a piece of kit is highly visible with both the UK & US Special forces you can bet it's a must have in the global Airsoft Community. The LOWA Zephyr Mid GORE-TEX desert boot fulfils the requirement for those operating in the real world and in our community. With a striking and unique appearance, the Zephyr Mids are pretty much all you need in a boot for the skirmish field. Slipping these boots for the first time is like...

Fenix Tactical Torches

Designed very much with the Military world in mind, Fenix flashlights are right at the top of the pile when it comes to LED illumination.  The brands slogans is, “Fenix flashlight, sunshine in your pocket.” rings very true. We have experienced several models here at AI HQ and have to report they are extremely bright, lightweight and built to last. Fenix is a Chinese company and very much rooted in Chinese culture Fenix or “phoenix” has several translations meanings “perfect...

ZOXNA Mini Launcher X.2

BB launchers have always been the centre of heated debates here at AIHQ, but for the majority of the team, we have never used them on a skirmish field. That's not to say they don't have a place in your armoury; the number of manufacturers supplying launchers and a whole heap of grenades say they do. For us, a real concern has always been how they are used when the common sense of the user fails and those all-important "minimum...

The Arcturus AK-47 AT-06

  Not just another AK? When you look at this,  a lot of people will think  "it's just another AK", and you can be forgiven for thinking that, but what you have here,  is in my mind one of the best AK's to be added to the extensive range of great rifles from Arcturus. Since Arcturus made its entry into the Airsoft scene, they have continued to impress me with their approach, they have produced great looking and excellent performance replicas....

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