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Welcome to Airsoft International HQ

Welcome to Ai-Mag – Airsoft International HQ. Ai, as we are known amongst friends, has been established for well over 17 years and is currently the most popular airsoft magazine in existence but we are so much more than just a printed product! The Ai brand has become a family, maybe even a cult over the years with numerous achievements and accomplishments under our belts. Pushing airsoft forward is what we do and we are glad to have you along for the ride!

Inside the magazine

Inside Airsoft International Magazine you’ll find a wealth of valuable information, from reviews, reports and group tests on guns and tactical equipment. Full, in-depth reviews of the latest releases are included every month along with how-to articles on upgrading, maintaining and getting the best out of your purchases. In addition to this, you’ll find a selection of talking points regarding the most contentious and burning points surrounding our hobby and passions. All of this is supported with a crisp, fresh design ethos and the highest quality professional photographs, Airsoft International is the closest thing to playing airsoft without your eye-pro on!

Our Blog

Our blog is now open to our supporters, simply register on this website to post a blog for us to review before going live. This is a free service that we hope you will love, please take a look at our How to Post a Blog page to see how it’s done. Any questions you may have please contact us via the contact page on this website.

Oakley S.I. GasCan Dessert Glasses

Oakley S.I. GasCan Dessert Glasses Oakley has been protecting the eyes of the Airsoft Community for as far back as we can remember. You tend to find that due to their premium prices that their products find their way into only the most serious of players kit bags. However, having said that what price do you place on eye protection? The stress-resistant O Matter Frame of the Oakley SI Gascan wraps around the vast majority of different sized heads and offers...

Condor Aegis

Condor Aegis Operating out of Irwindale, California, Condor has been supplying clothing and gear to both the outdoor and tactical gear markets for well over 20 years now. Arguably the company gained some notoriety in their early years over their lousy quality control. We here at Ai HQ has seen a marked improvement in their gear and tactical clothing to the point we have featured a number of their products. These will easily stand up against any of the mid-market...

Volume 17, Issue 8 is now Available

Volume 17, Issue 8 of Airsoft International Magazine comes out today and this issue is full of tactical and hardware gear for you to peruse over.  This month we have a couple of Gas Blowbacks for you to see, firstly the MK18 MOD.1 GBB from Tokyo Marui, it was purchased for the resent AI500 and certainly had a challenging weekend weather wise to contend with but held its own and although pricey is a contender for those wanting a...

Night Evolution Modular Personal Lighting System Mod.3

It would be fair to say that there is a staggering amount of accessories on the market for helmets. But with mounting space at a premium, what are the best functional accessories that aid you as a player and don't simply take up space on your helmets rails and add unnecessary weight. So with that thought in mind lets jump straight in and take a look at the first accessory that gets our seal of approval. In its basic form,...

ESS Profile Turbofan Goggle

  Players the world over need quality eye pro, that's a fact. Some countries require players to have "full seal" goggles and or masks, which is to say that there is absolutely no gap between the goggles and your face. But "full seal" has one inherent problem - fogging. This is a big problem because let's face it if you can't see you can't play. There is a solution ESS has taken their flagship profile ballistic goggles series and added air conditioning...

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