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Welcome to Airsoft International HQ

Welcome to Ai-Mag – Airsoft International HQ. Ai, as we are known amongst friends, has been established for well over 17 years and is currently the most popular airsoft magazine in existence but we are so much more than just a printed product! The Ai brand has become a family, maybe even a cult over the years with numerous achievements and accomplishments under our belts. Pushing airsoft forward is what we do and we are glad to have you along for the ride!

Inside the magazine

Inside Airsoft International Magazine you’ll find a wealth of valuable information, from reviews, reports and group tests on guns and tactical equipment. Full, in-depth reviews of the latest releases are included every month along with how-to articles on upgrading, maintaining and getting the best out of your purchases. In addition to this, you’ll find a selection of talking points regarding the most contentious and burning points surrounding our hobby and passions. All of this is supported with a crisp, fresh design ethos and the highest quality professional photographs, Airsoft International is the closest thing to playing airsoft without your eye-pro on!

Our Blog

Our blog is now open to our supporters, simply register on this website to post a blog for us to review before going live. This is a free service that we hope you will love, please take a look at our How to Post a Blog page to see how it’s done. Any questions you may have please contact us via the contact page on this website.

Hands on with the Elegoo Jupiter SE 3D Printer

  Elegoo Jupiter SE printer review We’ve been 3D printing for a while now and had some success with our version of a MOLLE phone holder. However the vast majority of Airsoft printed parts are big so you’ll need a big machine, but it is not as expensive or difficult to master as you might have thought. Stereolithography printers, usually referred to as “SLA printers” have many advantages over other types of 3D printers, including their use of liquid resins as raw materials....


Our 1st quarterly paper issue is due on sale at the end of the week but can be preordered here now. 'tis the season - the season to get your teeth sunk into a bumper edition of your favourite airsoft magazine. The Winter '24 edition of AI is packed to the rafters, with over 100 pages of editiorial for you to enjoy! When we made the change to producing the magazine digitally, we did so with a heavy heart. AI has been...


This is the New Bulldog M4 – M16 Pull-Magazine - NEW Bulldog M4 – M16 Pull-Mag Polymer Magazine Flash Mag Hi-Cap 430 Rounds. Flash-Cap or Flash-Type magazine – Extremely fast reloading thanks to Bowden cable! The Flash-Type Hi-Cap magazine from Bulldog Airsoft is equipped with an integrated Bowden cable instead of the conventional rotary wheel. This invention allows the magazine to be fully wound up in just a few seconds. To do this, push the cap on the base of the...


We have set our digital issues on a special BLACK FRIDAY DEAL for 1 week to £1.00 per issue. To activate digital issues you will need to set up an account at the top right hand side of our website Once you have set up an account and logged in on the menu bar you will see Digital AI Mags. Click on this and select single issue subscription. You can then purchase a digital issue for £1.00....

SRC Pit-Viper at JBBG

This SRC Viper JW4 is a beautifully constructed combat pistol that will allow you to live out your own Baba Yaga fantasy. Every detail is outstanding and a close representation from the fangs of the frame and single large port compensated barrel to the flared mag well and large cromed hi-cap magazine. This Viper from SRC is a perfect addition to the collection of any JW fan and Airsofter alike. To see the full selection of Baba Yaga Airsoft pistols...