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Welcome to Airsoft International HQ

Welcome to Ai-Mag – Airsoft International HQ. Ai, as we are known amongst friends, has been established for well over 17 years and is currently the most popular airsoft magazine in existence but we are so much more than just a printed product! The Ai brand has become a family, maybe even a cult over the years with numerous achievements and accomplishments under our belts. Pushing airsoft forward is what we do and we are glad to have you along for the ride!

Inside the magazine

Inside Airsoft International Magazine you’ll find a wealth of valuable information, from reviews, reports and group tests on guns and tactical equipment. Full, in-depth reviews of the latest releases are included every month along with how-to articles on upgrading, maintaining and getting the best out of your purchases. In addition to this, you’ll find a selection of talking points regarding the most contentious and burning points surrounding our hobby and passions. All of this is supported with a crisp, fresh design ethos and the highest quality professional photographs, Airsoft International is the closest thing to playing airsoft without your eye-pro on!

Our Blog

Our blog is now open to our supporters, simply register on this website to post a blog for us to review before going live. This is a free service that we hope you will love, please take a look at our How to Post a Blog page to see how it’s done. Any questions you may have please contact us via the contact page on this website.

Digital Magazine Offers

Our digital platform has the first of many offers this next coming week which Airsoft International Magazine is a part of, it is starting with a 99p back issue sale. This starts on 26th January and runs through to 31st January 2023 where all our back issues are just 99p an issue. Head over to and type in Airsoft to see our offers.

New Issue Out

Welcome to Volume 18, Issue 10 of AI magazine and the first issue for 2023.  Towards the end of last year Modern Warfare II was released and we had a huge influx of people asking for the issue we reviewed for the original Modern Warfare.  That issue sold out years ago so we thought we would revisit our take on the Ghost loadout and bring it up to date.  We also relook at the Warq helmet and see what’s changed...

Raven Technicolor pistol range It’s always good to start at the beginning, but we are not quite sure where the beginning of Ravens Technicolor pistol range started. Marketed as a "a new era of affordable GBB's" the market has been flooded with the Raven Technicolor pistol's range to the point it's now over-saturated with all but a few major retailers here in the UK stocking the pistol range. One retailer mentioned that the range isn't any worse than any other generic Chinese...

New magazine available

Welcome to Volume 18 issue 9 of Airsoft International Magazine.  This month we have reviewed some great hardware, firstly something a little different with the SRC Titan Revolver, for all those airsofters that started because they loved playing cowboys and Indians when they were younger this is going to be right up your street.  It comes in 2 barrel lengths so you can use it as a side arm or as your main weapon of choice.  This has fun written...

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Not sure what you want for christmas or want to buy an Airsoft Mad buddy a present. How about a subscription to Airsoft International Magazine?  We do 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and deliver all around the world. Head over to our website now and go to shop and then subscriptions to pick your choice and delivery address.  We'll do all the hard work thereafter for you.   Happy Christmas Everyone from all at Airsoft International Magazine

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