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This is the New Bulldog M4 – M16 Pull-Magazine – NEW Bulldog M4 – M16 Pull-Mag Polymer Magazine Flash Mag Hi-Cap 430 Rounds. Flash-Cap or Flash-Type magazine – Extremely fast reloading thanks to Bowden cable! The Flash-Type Hi-Cap magazine from Bulldog Airsoft is equipped with an integrated Bowden cable instead of the conventional rotary wheel. This invention allows the magazine to be fully wound up in just a few seconds. To do this, push the cap on the base of the magazine to the side and pull the Bowden cable. The magazine is now ready for use with most M4/M16 Airsoft Guns. Immediately recognisable from the photos, the magazine has a quick reloading loop on the bottom. Thanks to the unique shape and integrated structure, the magazine can be pulled out of the magazine pouch more easily. The rifle can also be placed on the endcap and, therefore, acts like a kind of bipod. The unique and well-thought-out design ensures a secure stand. The magazine is made of exceptionally durable plastic and has a robust polymer composite plastic casing on the outside with a particularly modern look. This tactical design with a non-slip shape also enables safe magazine changes. Universally suitable for all Bulldog, SRC and Tokyo Marui compatible M4 / M16 S-AEG / AEG rifles.

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