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The AI500 is a game run in association with Airsoft International Magazine.

We hire a game planner to run a weekend game, normally in a site that has never been played by airsofters before or is not run specifically as an airsoft site to give players something a bit different from their usual sunday skirmish.

We normally have a theme we run with, loosely based on a film or TV show or concept but never milsim so don’t expect an immersive weekend of 24 hour play, there are other events for this.

Our rules are mostly the same as your usual site with fps set at UK limits, we sometimes have to adjust rules on grenades or smoke to accommodate the area we are playing in.

For our most recent event go to the drop down menu under AI500 and click on game and see what we are planning or have planned for the coming season.



As most weekend games there are strict rules that players must abide by.  If you are a player that does not like following strict rules then the AI500 is not for you.

Speedsoft players are welcome but need to play by the rules of our game as this is NOT a speedsoft arena.