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Our 1st quarterly paper issue is due on sale at the end of the week but can be preordered here now.

’tis the season – the season to get your teeth sunk into a bumper edition of your favourite airsoft magazine. The Winter ’24 edition of AI is packed to the rafters, with over 100 pages of editiorial for you to enjoy!

When we made the change to producing the magazine digitally, we did so with a heavy heart. AI has been a printed entity for well over two decades now, and moving away from that was a difficult task. However, while the magazine has moved away from print on a monthly basis, we wanted to keep to our core principles somehow… and this edition is a testament to that!

In this month’s Tools of the Trade, we explore two incredibly important pieces of gear for the winter period – performance base layers and performance trousers, playing some of the industries’ best against each other! AI Essentials takes a look at what we deem to be some of the best equipment on the market, collected over two decades of running Airsoft International. This month we look toward Merrell, TMC and Triumph Industries. If tactical gear is your thing, you’ll want to check in on Things that make you go oooh as well with C2R Fast’s Fulcrum Plate Carrier stealing the show there.

Airsoft is in reality all about shooters though, and this month we’ve got seven different options on show! Ranging from Cybergun’s FAMAS through to an AI favourite in the original GBB MP7, brought to us by WE. There’s also a bunch of pistol reviews as well, so we’ve definitely got you covered there! Furthermore, if you’re in the market for a DMR, why not just turn one of your old M4s into one with our Staff Shooters guide.

If you’re looking for some loadout inspiration then you’re going to want to turn over to Kit Up, with three condensed loadouts on display, including the United Kingdom’s Special Forces Support Group and SAS, and something a little different in Swedish Special Forces.

There’s all that, and more in this month’s bumper printed edition of Airsoft International!

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WINTER 24 – Airsoft International Magazine

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