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Author - Paul

New Issue out now

Welcome to Volume 16, Issue 12 of Airsoft International Magazine.  This time a year ago in the UK we were just going into what we thought would be a 2 to 3 month lockdown, little did we know that for some of us we have been in this for a year!  Airsoft to a lot of people is a release, a way to make friends, our exercise but although we had a little break out of lockdown last summer...

New Issue on Sale

Welcome to Volume 16 Issue 11 of Airsoft International Magazine. We have some great guns on review this issue from ICS's 131 ARK, Golden Eagle's M870 Shotgun and G&G's CM16.  There are a couple of really good chest rigs to look at, along with some great kit and gadgets from aroud the industry including StraitAIMs new Impact Grenade. Finally our Gear Up has some great camo ideas to take you onto the skirmish fields this year. Out now from all good newsagents,...

Digital AI Magazine

Do you love reading Airsoft International Magazine but a paper subscription is just a little bit too expensive or post is unreliable where you are? Why not go digital... Its the same magazine, just in digital format and can be delivered to a number of smartphones and tablets. Just go over to and search for Airsoft International Magazines. You can order individual magazines for £2.99 6-month subscription for £14.99 Annual subscription for £13.99 (limited time only) then back to £27.99 for continuous years There is...

News just in from

Officially confirmed! The CM.041 replica family from the PLATINUM series in the E-EDITION & HIGH-SPEED configuration will soon be expanded with two new models! Are you also looking forward to? Replicas will be available on in early March!