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Warrior Assault System’s Patrol Belt Kit

Words Dave Porter

I’ve had the pleasure of testing Warrior Assault System’s Patrol Belt Kit, or ‘PBK’. Until this point, I’ve never strayed from my typical plate carrier setup or the occasional light-weight chest rig, so this was a first for me, but I’ve owned several pieces of WAS gear, so I had high expectations in terms of quality and functionality, and let me tell you, the PBK did not disappoint.

The PBK is insanely comfortable on two fronts. Firstly, the general fitting and contact areas of the harness system are extremely well padded, with their proprietary 3D spacer-mesh, and secondly, how the weight is equally distributed across the harness, and thus across your shoulders and torso, results in a very effective and comfortable system. Even when fully loaded with an excessive number of magazines, spare ammo, and a canteen, there were no areas of the rig that dug in or felt uncomfortable, there was no rubbing or friction when running around, and no excessive movement either. It only took a short while to tailor the harness system and belt to my frame and size, and doing so was very easy and stress free. The weight of the order itself is around 2 kilograms, so not the lightest piece of kit, but once fitted I honestly couldn’t tell because of how well balanced it was.

The pouches were definitely a favourite feature of mine, especially the EMC triple mag pouches, which can be accessed very quickly, and hold the magazines nice and securely. Just be aware that the EMC pouches are designed for 5.56 mags, so if you run anything different, you would have to check the fitting or swap the pouches for something that works for you. The general utility pouches are very roomy, lined, and closed via ITW IR quick-release clips. Now I like these QR clips, although I have found that when trying to open them quickly, and especially with gloved hands, they can sometimes be a little tricky, and these are no exception. The job is made slightly harder by the fact that the pouches are behind your back, so it goes without saying that these should be reserved for non-essential kit.

The belt itself is again very well padded, and the mesh material that’s found all the way through this system really does help manage heat throughout the day. The inner belt is secured via a metal COBRA quick release buckle, and being no stranger to this system, I will vouch that they’re an excellent piece of kit. They are very secure, pretty much bomb-proof in fact, and in my experience at least, operate flawlessly. The webbing is genuine Crye Multicam material, individually sewn on with heavy duty bartacks, and I will again vouch for the quality and ruggedness of Warriors finished product. The stitching on the PBK is excellent, as are the materials used, and like every Warrior product I’ve owned, there’s a next level of confidence that this kit will not let you down.

As far as practical experience, I’m used to a more refined and cutback system, so for the first hour or so in using the PBK, I was like a fish out of water. This was purely down to experience and muscle memory though, and I can happily report that general movement, hitting the dirt when I needed to, and sprinting (reluctantly) towards the objective, was no more tiring than my usual setup, and to be fair, I was actually carrying more weight because of the number of pouches I had available to me. My only downside would be the profile it gives you when wearing it. My local site is mostly woodland, but I found the CQB village and its tight doorways and sharp turns a little more cumbersome than usual. For me, this was a small price to pay for what was ultimately an enjoyable experience. I’m going to stick with the PBK for a while longer, and I’ll revisit and report back on whether it continues to stand up to the abuse I intend to give it.


2 x EMC dedicated 3 magazine 5.56 NATO pouches

Medium Belt 4 x General Utility Pouches

Large Belt 5 x General Utility Pouches

Padded 3D Mesh MOLLE Belt

Metal COBRA quick release buckle

3D Mesh 6 point Harness

2 x Removable waterproof liners

Mil Spec Crye Multicam materials



Medium 29″ (74cm) to 33″ (83.5cm)

Large 33″ (83.5cm) to 38″ (96.5cm)



Medium 1.95kg (4.29lbs)

Large 2.1kg (4.62lbs)

Price £219.95
Available from UK Tactical

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