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Volume 18 Issue 5 now on sale

Welcome to Airsoft International Magazine Volume 18, Issue 5, another jam packed magazine full of everything you’ll need to make your skirmishing that little bit better.

So what’s in this issue.  We all like to protect our head but finding a helmet can be tricky, and then you have to find all the accessories to go on it. The FMA “Bump” helmet is a fantastic option and comes as a complete package, yes no more trying to find the right adaptors for your headsets, this comes complete and is a lightweight, fully adjustable helmet that in our opinion beats all the rest.  We have plate carriers from Mayflower, Chest Rigs from Warrior, bags from First Tactical, scopes from Ares and lights from Wadsn.  Hardware this issue comes from King Arms and their M4A1, a fully licensed Daniel Defense Gas Blowback.  This is a good option if you are looking for an M4 to add to your armoury.  We have the MK18 from ICS also on review this issue which is still on pre-order its so new.  MK18’s are popular in our field and the ICS version with all its bells and whistles and solid internals should be a good contender if this is what you are looking for which is also fully licensed by Daniel Defense.  We also take a quick look at Evolutions Ghost XS PDW EMR and the RWA Nighthawk Custom War Hawk sidearm.

With more CQB sights popping up namely GorillaStrike in Leicestershire and our own AI500 coming up in a shopping centre not only is eye protection a must have but face protection should be at the top of your list too. Take a look at the IDGear Respirator from Anvil Tactical, an excellent full face protection option everyone should look at.

On sale in paper format from Newsagents, Airsoft Shops and our website from 25th August 2022 and Digitally from where this weekend they have a special deal of all back issues for 99p, starts 26th August at midday.

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