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PTS Syndicate MTEK Flux Helmet

THE PTS Syndicate MTEK FLUX Helmet is the officially licensed replica of MTEK’s FLUX Carbon Helmet, which the manufacture informs us, the FLUX helmet is the latest in tactical head protection. This is the tangible result of a multi-year design and development effort to create an advanced, modular helmet system. The word FLUX is an acronym for Future, Lightweight, Undercut, eXpandable and is derived from the Latin word Fluxus, meaning “flow”.  Every aspect of the FLUX has a particular and deliberate purpose while maintaining design continuity – everything “flowing” together. On the surface it may appear to be a standard helmet, however once underneath, you’ll see it is like none other. The design of the helmet is intended to follow the natural contours of the head offering the wearer unparalleled comfort and stability, even over extended periods of wear.

Go with the flow

The main shell of the helmet is constructed from a glass-fibre reinforced ABS and feels reassuringly solid. At the front of the helmet is a tough polymer shroud with an alloy ‘Wilcox’ style mount plate – sturdy enough for NVG setups and action cameras.  You also have the option of installing the two supplied bungee retention cords (for NVG setups). As you would expect the helmet features side-mounted polymer rail systems moulded in the popular M-LOK style that will accept a heap of different attachments. The helmet also comes supplied with several Velcro sections, which have to be attached in the correct positions to give you more than ample space to add those all-important patches.

The comfort levels of this helmet are some of the best we have seen in the community there are plenty of adjustable foam inserts to fit the majority of head shapes and sizes that work well with the helmets adjustable chin strap.  Like its real world counterpart, the FLUX accessory rails and NVG mount are secured by a ‘bolt-less’ system. This means that none of the hardware used to secure the rails and NVG mount protrudes into the shell of the helmet, which in turn eliminates the possibility of any weak points at those mount locations. This all makes for a great helmet, but nothing we haven’t seen before and at a fraction of the cost. We applaud PTS Syndicate for doing the right thing and producing a licenced replica. Still, our replica world is driven by the supply of cheaper versions of the original for cost-conscious players. We’re not saying that that’s right – far from it, but when the average player is presented with two replica’s one legitimate and one not so, but with the latter being half the price you can see why Chinse clones are so popular. Of course, the deserving player will do the right thing and buy legitimate products, but until that temptation is irradicated its always going to be there.

Colour Options

Olive Drab


Glass fibre reinforced ABS construction

Choice of 3 matte finish colours

M-LOK compatible side rails

Heavy duty NVG shroud with alloy ‘Wilcox’ mount

Reconfigurable foam padding

Fully adjustable chin retention strap

Removable bungee cords (for NVG setups)

Price £125.00
Available from all good airsoft retailers



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