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NUPROL PMC Micro B Chest Rig

As part of Nuprol’s PMC range, this micro harness style chest oozes “High-Speed, Low Drag”, which is perfect for those fast and hard hitting CQB battles players crave. To be fair this style of chest rig has been around for many years with a few different manufacturers producing very similar products, but at Nuprols price point quality and availability, the PMC micro B is well worth a look.

PMC Micro BThe rig provides a stable, well thought out and well manufactured lightweight platform for you to carry enough Rifle and pistol magazines plus essentials to get you through a fast paced game.

The rig is worn with harness straps, or you can ditch the straps in favour of connecting the harness to a plate carrier, which is a pretty good way of owning different solutions for your skirmish field needs.

This harness is designed to carrying standard magazines; M4 mag pouches at the rear, two small sized utility pouches, and four pistol magazine pouches to the front, the pistol mag pouches can double up as pyro pouches if you require.

The chest rig is secured to the shoulder straps and has ample width for larger players.  The waistband is very roomy too. Once on the rig does feel secures and neat. In fact, without trying to play down the quality of the chest rig, we would have to summarise it as a “No thrills” bit of kit that does away with all of the clutter and weight of a plate carrier and delivers the essentials you need on the skirmish field.
Nuprol informs us that The Nuprol PMC Micro B chest rigs are designed for those with functionality and speed in mind.  Its lightweight yet strong construction ensures that this piece of equipment is ready for action at all times. During the design process, we ensured that the user had the functions and adaptability that was required when it was needed.

With multi magazine pouches and additional pistol magazine holders, all your equipment can be stored in one easy to access place.



Quickly adapt your loadout

Skeleton harness style

Cable/hose routing

Pistol magazine pouches x 2

Standard M4/STANAG pouches x 4

Large and small utility pouch

Elastic retention on rear slots

Easily attaches to Buckle Up Plate Carrier


Price From £49.99
Available from all good airsoft retailers

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