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Nuprol Hard Rifle Cases

You only have to look at any number of online retailers to see the vast selection of Rifle and Pistol cases available to us as Airsoft Players, the choice as with most things in our world is quite frankly daunting.

Your first choice is pretty simple, do you go for either a hard or soft case, both have their own distinct advantages.  But Nuprol have thrown down the gauntlet and put wheels on all their hard cases blowing everyone else out of the competition.

Available in three sizes (Medium, Large and Extra Large) Nuprol literally have all three rifle types covered. The Medium case will comfortably accommodate two SMG’s the Large two AR type rifles and smaller DMR’s, while the extra large is perfect for Sniper rifles.Manufactured in a durable hard polymer with a choice of  “wave or pick & pluck” foam inserts the cases can be carried traditionally or wheeled to and from the Safe Zone. The latter being the perfect choice for heavier transportation.
The foam inserts (whichever you chose) in the bottom and lid will secure your rifle and accessories tightly – sandwiching with no movement at all in either transit or storage.  Four easy closing latches provide a secure lockable container, which can also be padlocked should you require extra security.

Colour Options



External 80cm x 39cm x 20cm

Internal 74cm x 33cm x 9cm


External Size: 109cm×39cm×15cm

Internal Size: 101cm×32cm×12.5cm

Extra Large

External 137cm×39cm×15cm

Internal  130cm×32cm×12.5cm



IP67 Dust & Water Protection

Hard Polymer Case

Removable Wave or PNP  Foam Padding in Base and Lid

Durable Polymer Wheels

Fold Away Carry Handle

Fold Away “Luggage Case” Carry Handle to Drag on Wheels

4 x Easy Open Latches

2 x Pad Lock Hasp

Lid Hinges Double as Feet For Storage

Lid O-ring Seal

Mock Pressure Valve



Medium  from £65.99

Large     from  £69.00

Extra Large from £89.00

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