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Night Evolution Modular Personal Lighting System Mod.3

It would be fair to say that there is a staggering amount of accessories on the market for helmets. But with mounting space at a premium, what are the best functional accessories that aid you as a player and don’t simply take up space on your helmets rails and add unnecessary weight. So with that thought in mind lets jump straight in and take a look at the first accessory that gets our seal of approval.

In its basic form, the Night Evolution is what it says it is, which is a low output light source, which comes in very handy for all of you night game fans out there. What makes this lighting system stand out is the boom arm and LED light source. Let’s tackle this units most unique feature first, The boom arm, which is omnidirectional, meaning that it has 360 degrees of movement so that you can angle and twist it in every direction, but more importantly frees up your hands.

Sitting at the end of the boom arm is where it all happens, using the rubber push control you have the option of two white-light settings, a red light option, plus an IR or Infrared function. The IR function is pretty useless unless you’re using Night Vision because IR  is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with wavelengths longer than those of visible light. Which means that you can’t see it with the naked eye, but through night vision it’s a whole different story where the IR function comes into its own and can be used as a simple IFF or Identification, Friend or Foe to pinpoint the position of your teammate.The Night Evolution Modular Personal Lighting System is extremely well built for its price tag. The manufacturer has gone to great lengths to make a reliable and robust unit that will stand up to the rigours of any skirmish field.The whole system is made with a tough polymer and the boom is coated with what we can only describe as an “armour” coating. Every bolt and C-clip is made from metal, which only adds to this units build quality, usability and durability.
It’s essentially a helmet light – it’s pretty unique, lightweight and functional and that’s why we give the  Night Evolution Modular Personal Lighting System Mod.3 a big thumbs up.


3x polymer and alloy mounting plates

Adjustable boom arm

2x brightness levels

3x different light functions

Large rubber button on/off and mode switch

3x batteries supplied

Price from £14.00
Available from all good Airsoft retailers






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