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Welcome to Volume 18 issue 9 of Airsoft International Magazine.  This month we have reviewed some great hardware, firstly something a little different with the SRC Titan Revolver, for all those airsofters that started because they loved playing cowboys and Indians when they were younger this is going to be right up your street.  It comes in 2 barrel lengths so you can use it as a side arm or as your main weapon of choice.  This has fun written all over it.  We also looked at the SRC G36 which is a fantastic budget rifle that in our opinion goes toe to toe with some of the more expensive rifles out there, the M733 M4 AR15 Commando Carbine, another budget rifle but again you get a lot for your money with this one.  We also looked at the Sigair MPX Sub Machine gun, another alternative to the norm which is perfect for the CQB environment, this one has a heftier price tag though.  Tactical kit this issue is mostly based on the cold weather environment we find ourselves playing in this time of year with some base layers to keep you warm and a great hoodie which will see you warm in the safe zones.  Our kit up this issue is based on the CQB environment which is great for those players that want to keep on playing through the winter months and we have some add on’s in the form of rails, magnifiers and scopes.

On sale 15th December 2022 from newsagents, Airsoft retailers, our website and digitally from and search airsoft.

All that’s left is to wish you all a happy Christmas and we’ll see you all in the New year.

All the best from the Airsoft International Team

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