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New Issue Volume 18 Issue 1

Welcome to Volume 18 Issue 1 of Airsoft International magazine.  We are very thankful to our readers, a lot of them that have been reading since the first issue for allowing us to keep printing your favourite Airsoft Magazine into its 19th year of publication.

So what do we have in this issue for you, well our Kit Up feature brings you not just one but two close protection security detail loadouts that not only look good on the skirmish field but are great for the summer months when you don’t want to carry so much around with you and are versatile enough for you to change with the gear you already have.

Hardware this issue features the SRC Elite 5.1 MKII Hi-Capa from Just BB Guns. Although big and heavy it has some crazy recoil and with both CO2 and Gas options will get those BB’s blasting down range with some serious accuracy.  We also take a look at the Cyma CM.076 and the G&P XM177E1.  We’ve had a troll through Military 1st website to bring you all things Desert and the DCU camo variant us Airsofters love.  We look at Red Dot sights for Pistols, Revision Eyewear and along with our resident sniper bring you an article of some myths to watch out for!  On sale from Newsagents, Airsoft Retailers and our website from 5th May 2022 and digitally from, just search Airsoft International Magazine.

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