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Welcome to Volume 17 Issue 2 of Airsoft International Magazine.  Here in the UK sites are now starting to open up and players are getting some pew pew time. It’s good to be out again dusting your kit off so what’s out there for you to add to your kit?  Well Star Wars fans will be happy to see this new Mandalorian Armour that’s hit the market, is it practical? Probably not but it’s a whole lot of fun and after the year everyone has had… fun is at the top of most people’s agenda!  Mechanix have gone all colourful with their range of gloves and while blue might stand out a bit on a skirmish field you are definitely going to know which set is yours!  We look at a new throat mic from SWATcom and our hardware this issue is from Specna Arms and their SA-J01, what a stunning AK, Specna Arms have certainly upped their game and this is a must have and not just for AK fans.  We also review the Specna Arms SA-249 Para Core, not just a head turner in the safe zone but a fun piece of hardware that will keep you smiling on the skirmish field and certainly give you an advantage if you had this on your team.

Gear Up this issue has a CQB feel to it with a “light and fast” theme and some techniques that will help you out.  We also have an article on setting up your chest rig now you are out and about again.  With so much more this issue is not to be missed!

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