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New Issue out now

Volume 19 Issue 6 is now for sale as a digital issue only.


Airsoft International Magazine will now follow a new format in which 12 magazines a year will be in digital format and then we will produce 4 printed issues a year to align with each quarter.   The printed issues will be bumper issues and incorporate some of the best articles from the past 3 months digital issues along with new content not seen in the digital issues.


Readers will be able to access digital versions via the AI website and once activated, all issues purchased within your subscription window will be available for you to read at any time.  Furthermore, subscribers will be given special offers from our advertisers and discount codes as well as exclusive content.


Digital issues will be £3.99 each to align with our other digital provider pocketmags and the paper issues will be £8.99 as these will now only be produced 4 times a year and will be bigger than the current versions.


So what is in this current issue.  We have hardware from Double Eagle and their M904-G, a fantastic “mini” minigun that you will all want in your armoury, Specna Arms SA-J73 comes under the spotlight and we ask “is it any good” and there is  a whole plethora of guns from our very own team and what they are currently using which come in all different sizes, price ranges and are all so different in looks! Kit this issue comes from Direct Action and TMC with some great plate carrier choices,  boots from Lowra, Slings from Viper and now its getting colder who doesn’t want to see an Arc’teryx hoody in between the pages!


We have recently come across a company CR2 Fast who produce some fantastic gear for the real world and we all love a real deal company in Airsoft so we have bought you their Fulcrum Plate Carrier to dribble over!


Gear up this issue is inspired from the Special Forces Support Group and as we move into October although the weather is seasonably warm it can be a bit wet so what better than to bring your game inside and visit The Goal, just up the A1 past Peterborough for some fantastic CQB action.


You can find the magazine under the tag : Online AI Mags

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