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New Issue Out

Welcome to Volume 18, Issue 10 of AI magazine and the first issue for 2023.  Towards the end of last year Modern Warfare II was released and we had a huge influx of people asking for the issue we reviewed for the original Modern Warfare.  That issue sold out years ago so we thought we would revisit our take on the Ghost loadout and bring it up to date.  We also relook at the Warq helmet and see what’s changed with this great helmet, especially during the winter months when things tend to go inside to CQB sites where face protection is even more important.  We take a look at some great hardware this issue with the FN 249 Para Featherweight from Just BB Guns, the MK16 Saber from Arcturus and the ICS Tomahawk.  We have a couple of pistols this issue too, one from Krytac and another from Obsidian, both names you wouldn’t associate with Pistols so how did they do?  You’ll have to buy the magazine to see!  We also have tactical kit from TMC, Platatac, First Tactical and Snugpak.

Available from newstrade, Airsoft Retailers and from our own website from 19th January 2023 and digitally from

2022 was a hard year for Airsoft but 2023 looks to be shaping up to be a fantastic year with manufacturers bringing out new products and sites getting back to what they now best.  There are some great big weekender’s being arranged including our own AI500 so watch out for updates on our facebook pages.

Happy New Year to you all and we look forward to seeing you out on the field.

AI Team

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