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Welcome to Volume 17, Issue 13 of Airsoft International Magazine and the last magazine before we go into our 18th year of publishing AI.  Although a lot has changed in Airsoft over those 18 years producing this magazine each month is still a pleasure and something the team look forward to.  Discussing new items in, ones that are making a comeback, new technologies and some ideas you know are just not going to work, but still a pleasure to see, review and deliver to you amongst the pages for you to discuss, buy or just have a good laugh at.

So what is in this issue of the magazine, we go back to basics with our gear up article thanks to Military 1st and their fantastic range of kit available at decent prices.  One thing we always notice in Airsoft is that as many players that “grow out” of airsoft, there are plenty of newbies ready to take their place and this kit is for you! For those newbies we have started an Airsoft upgrades for dummies section although this is more aimed at the boss who still has problems putting an AEG back together without a pile of screws left at the end! Hardware this issue is from G&G and their GC16 Predator, a solid rifle from a brand name you trust! We have an LVOA-C from Krytac, this is a name you may not recognise as much but this rifle certainly packs a punch, looks good and has that edge we are all searching for in our next AEG.  Evolution Airsoft are a firm favourite here at AI and this Ghost 2 and its powerful electronic unit is going to set a lot of airsofters worlds on fire! Technology this good that comes as standard should not be laughed at and we look forward to getting our hands on one and playing a few games this summer!  We give you a roundup of Warriors Laser-Cut range and a look at the Kryptek range of camo out their along with our regular tactical reviews.

Enjoy this issue, out 7th April 2022 from newsagents, Airsoft retailers, directly from our website and digitally from and search Airsoft International.

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