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Welcome to Volume 17, Issue 3 of Airsoft International Magazine.  Inside this month’s issue is packed with hardware reviews from ICS and their Black Leopard Eye range of pistols, these are incredible and worth a look, Cyma has bought out a rifle, their CM.014H which is perfect for room clearing, see what Jason thought of this iconic little beast.  We also have Umarex’s HK416 on review and something a little different with Lancer Tactical’s AAP Drill Kit… you’ll see!

Tactical gear this issue is from Primal Gear and their new Gen 4 creation, Agilite and their high end kit and we bring you a first look at the new gun carrier from Viper Tactical.

Our resident Sniper is back and we have a look at setting up a plate carrier for those long skirmish days that I hope you are all preparing for.

There is loads more for you to, get your paper copy from newstrade outlets, Airsoft Shops and directly from us at or digitally from  Available from 1st July 2021.

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