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LOWA Zephyr Mid Boot GORE-TEX Lined

When a piece of kit is highly visible with both the UK & US Special forces you can bet it’s a must have in the global Airsoft Community.

The LOWA Zephyr Mid GORE-TEX desert boot fulfils the requirement for those operating in the real world and in our community. With a striking and unique appearance, the Zephyr Mids are pretty much all you need in a boot for the skirmish field. Slipping these boots for the first time is like wearing a pair of comfy high street trainers. These rugged, action boots are supportive, rigid, yet flexible and will fill you with confidence straight out of the box.

The uppers feature suede leather and abrasion-resistant Cordura mixture, but

despite the layering, these waterproof Gore-Tex boots are pretty flexible and supportive, which is ultimately the opposite to the boots fairly stiff non-slip rubber soles. The Zephyr Mids also features what the manufacturer calls their Monowrap technology which is rubberised support which cradles in the lower part of the boot, adding a very noticeable level of protection and stability, which you won’t find in any other boots within the Zephyr Mids class range. Above all, boots need not only protect your feet; they also have to offer you a great deal of ankle support.  This is because your feet and ankles take a pounding on any skirmish field and its all too easy to lose your footing, trip or even worse sprain or snap your ankle causing you a whole world of pain! The ankle support doesn’t end with the lacing of these mids either,

as around the top of the boot is a substantial amount of breathable, porous foam covered with a couple of layers of yet more porous material. This padding can be pulled tight around your leg without causing sores or excess sweating. It seems to mould the boot to your lower leg and cushion your heal and ankle thus providing another layer of welcomed protection.

The inside of the Zephyr is soft and made from only two pieces of Gore-Tex branded lining. The tiny amount of stitching is unnoticeable in terms of comfort.

The boot essentially becomes one sealed container meaning it is 100% waterproof in water up to 140mm deep, so they are not a wader by any stretch of the imagination, but they will deal with any severe puddles you come across on a skirmish field.

The Zephyr is clearly a military boot and has been designed with military applications in mind. This is one instance where its not a walking boot or hiking boot that’s been adopted by the military and filtered down to our community.   It’s light and airy, completely waterproof and copes well being dragged through the mud, which is precisely what you need.



Slip lasted – injected sole

Upper: suede leather, 1.4 – 1.6 mm Cordura

Lacing: closed hooks

Lining: GORE-TEX Vision 3LY

Sole: LOWA “Cross”

Upper height inside/outside: 110/145

Usage: moderate terrain (light-weight military boot)

Weight: 1120 g/pair

Price £130.00
Available UK Tactical

In sizes Available in UK size 3.5-13

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