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Leatherman LT


This is a bracelet that is designed for anyone who wants to have the combination of fashion and functionality. Ideal to wear and use on a skirmish field the bracelet is convenient to wear and easy to use. Leatherman informs us that the TREAD is “The world’s first wearable multi-tool, this travel-friendly bracelet features 29 tools and customisable links.

In an ever-changing world companies are forced to innovate and diversify to stay competitive and on top of their chosen markets.  Back in 2015 Leathermans CEO took the company in a whole new direction with the release of the Leatherman Tread multitool.
The concept was first inspired when Leathermans CEO Ben Rivers was denied access to a theme park for carrying his multi-tool.

The original Tread has received a lot of press in the US over the years, some good, some not so good, but the fact remains according to Leatherman that the Tread family have become extremely popular items and continue to this day to be a firm favourite with American Multi-Tool users.

The original Tread is an interesting concept and a fresh take on an already established market of multi-tools. The first bracelet simply took a number of the most popular and different sized screwdriver heads and turned them into a wearable tool.

The whole concept is if nothing else a little crazy and quite heavy to wear and lost some of its functionality when you adjusted the bracelet to your wrist size. Believing that Leatherman had a “game changer” on their hands, they made some refinements and produced what was a slimmed down, lightweight version of the original concept without losing any of the functionality when it came to the individual sizing of the bracelet.

The Tread LT (Tread Light) is still a heavy tool weighing in at 5.5oz/156g with all the links attached and an out of the box 8.56in/21.74cm circumference.

The Tread still retains the functionality as the first Tread tool. It comes with 25 various drivers and cut-outs that can handle an assortment of tasks but what has changed the most is this tools weight and width. One of the chief complaints about the original was it was too heavy, and it felt wide and unnatural to wear on your wrist.

Shaving 30% off the overall width of each link also allowed the tool to drop 10% of its weight giving the multi-tool the feel of a good wrist watch band.

The Tread is comprised of 1/2 inch links with one 1/4 inch link in the middle. According to Leatherman, you can adjust the tool to fit a variety of wrist sizes to make the tool more comfortable. This in its own right can be challenging -especially if you have thin wrists as the tool can feel overwhelming and oversized.

The Tread is a niche tool, to say the least, and is designed as an alternative, which  is popular in the real world, but for us here at AIHQ it is missing one vital component, (pliers), but that’s slightly unfair as this is not a comparison to  it its plier-packing stable mates.

Overall the Tread LT is a unique addition to the Leatherman stable, which they have evolved with the help of their customer’s concerns and have tried to appeal to a wider audience, but would it replace your existing trusted multi Tool? It’s not meant to. Put simply its a great gadget that will have the Safe Zone talking for hours, but is our world ready for the Tread LT? That’s an entirely different question that only you can answer.


Fully customisable to carry the tools you need

Adjustable up to a 1/4″

Durable 17-4 stainless steel bracelet links

Compact and travel friendly

25-year manufacturer’s warranty

Cutting hook

Bottle opener

Oxygen tank wrench

Carbide glass breaker

1/4″ Flat screwdriver

5/16″ Screwdriver

1/8″ Flat screwdriver

10mm Box wrench

1/4″ Box wrench

3/8″ Box wrench

3/32″ Screwdriver

3/16″ Screwdriver

#1-2 Phillips

#1 Phillips

5/16″ Box wrench

3/32″ Hex drive

1/8″ Hex drive

3/16″ Box wrench

1/4″ Hex drive

3/16″ Hex drive

5mm Hex drive

6mm Hex drive

#2 Square drive

1/4″ Socket drive

Pick/Sim card tool

Circumference: 8.56″ (21.74cm)

Band Width: 0.7″ (1.8cm)

Weight: 155g





Price £195.00
Available from Military 1st

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