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Fenix Tactical Torches

Designed very much with the Military world in mind, Fenix flashlights are right at the top of the pile when it comes to LED illumination.  The brands slogans is, “Fenix flashlight, sunshine in your pocket.” rings very true. We have experienced several models here at AI HQ and have to report they are extremely bright, lightweight and built to last.

Fenix is a Chinese company and very much rooted in Chinese culture Fenix or “phoenix” has several translations meanings “perfect thing.” “Lucky, and or perfection.

Fenix flashlights are made for everyone, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and the police and military which all benefit from the high-efficiency optical system, LED technology and quality build process found in today’s Fenix Torches.


Shine a light

TK Series

Probably the most popular of the Fenix range. The TK series is a  high-intensity TK series That feature long run times, waterproofing and is designed for use in “emergent and extreme environments,” the TK series delivers a focused beam with an impressive range of illumination. All TK series flashlights support advanced technology, making the series ideally suited for the tactical market and in turn the airsoft community.

Described by Fenix as – Tactical Ready and Titan Durable the Fenix TK Series is a must have. Built to take the abuse of daily deployment, each light is honed to give a perfect ratio of max output to max runtime. Reliability, backed by Fenix Limited Lifetime Warranty is a testament to the TK Series’ toughness and development for harsh environments.

Some of Fenix’s most impressive tactical functions are fitted into TK series flashlights. The TK15UE is their flagship weapon light. A crenellated stainless steel bezel provides self-defence capabilities, while massive outputs, momentary on, and extremely long beam distance add to its precision when operated with a handgun. Looking to mount your light? The TK09, TK15UE, TK16, and TK32 fit Fenix’s weapon mounts so you can easily and securely attach your flashlight to your rifle, long gun, or shotgun’s Picatinny rail mount system. These lights can be frequently found in kits belonging to military personnel, security professionals, and hunters all over the world.

It’s worth mentioning that Fenix takes its reputation for reliability seriously. That’s because the people who use these flashlights need to know their gear is in working order when they go to use it. Search and rescue teams the world over need to rely on their flashlights when lives are on the line and choose Fenix because their reliability and superior build quality mean top performance in any condition. Full-sized searchlights like the TK75 produce brilliant beams that illuminate over larger areas with advanced LED technology. Check out their LD75C, which is also for search and rescue with integrated coloured LEDs. For more portable options, Fenix brings the physical size down while still producing impressive outputs with flashlights like the TK35 and the TK35UE.


Prices start from £50.00
Available from all good Airsoft retailers

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