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ESS Profile Turbofan Goggle


Players the world over need quality eye pro, that’s a fact. Some countries require players to have “full seal” goggles and or masks, which is to say that there is absolutely no gap between the goggles and your face. But “full seal” has one inherent problem – fogging. This is a big problem because let’s face it if you can’t see you can’t play.

There is a solution ESS has taken their flagship profile ballistic goggles series and added air conditioning in the form of a micro-fan that sits discretely at the top of the goggles creating the Turbofan.


ESS Profile Turbofan Goggles

Fogging is a real problem with eye pro though and can spoil your enjoyment, but that’s quickly resolved by simply adding a fan to your eyepro.

The Turbofan Goggles come complete with 2 different lenses (clear and smoke) both are Z87-rated, which is an American standard implemented by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

It is standard for eye protection, ANSI Z87.1-2015 and establishes the criteria for using, testing, marking and maintaining eye protection to prevent or minimise injuries from eye hazards.

A lens bag is provided that can also be used as a cleaning cloth and an anti-reflective speed sleeve, basically, a cloth tube that sits over the goggles when not in use and offers them a scratch-resistant level of protection.

The build quality is evident and what you would expect from a “Titan ” real world eye pro manufacture. The frames are solid, but still have enough pliability to be comfortable, which actually aids in changing out the lenses. The adjustable strap means that one size fits all and as you would expect the Turbofan Goggles easily fitted over an assortment of helmet styles.

The reinforced strap also concealed a thin wire that connected the fan to its power supply and into the control. This then sits at the back of the headband, which ESS have named the “power pad”. This polymer pack houses a single “AA” battery that supplies a whopping 150 hours of run time.

Internally these goggles are fitted with a thin layer of foam that sits on top of the seal providing these goggles with a level of comfort and moisture trap in one.  Spectacle wearers have the option of furnishing the RX insert with their prescription. However, we found in some cases your glasses will easily fit under the goggles as well.

The Turbofans deliver in so many ways; they prevent fogging, offer the user a military-grade low profile eye protection with comfort, offer excellent peripheral vision and most importantly give the wearer a full “face seal”.

Colour Options

Foliage Green,

Desert Tan




Good peripheral vision150 hours of battery life

ANSI Z87 rated lenses
RX insert

Anti-Reflective Speed Sleeve

Full Seal

Price from £100
Available from a number on online stores and all good Airsoft retailers



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