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EMG CM.135S Salient Arms BLU AEP- MOSFET Edition

EMG CM.135S Salient Arms BLU AEP- MOSFET Edition

In the real world, Salient Arms are known for producing some of the most enhanced Glock pistols on the market, ranging from their Tier 1 upgraded slide to fully built pistols, of which the BLU is their bestselling model to date. The BLU is built from scratch using Salient Arms’ upgrade parts, which makes this real-world pistol only one of the most effective on the market. Luckily for us, the airsoft version is a fraction of the price of its real-world big brother, although it is an AEP.
The BLU is based on a Glock 18 but is a fully upgraded pistol featuring an enhanced slide, light-enhancing iron sights, a 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrel and an enhanced frame.

EMG CM.135S Salient Arms BLU AEP- MOSFET Edition

Right from the get-go, you know you have something a bit special with this pistol. Having a threaded barrel on an AEP is a bit of a novelty; you don’t see them often, meaning you can seamlessly mount a tracer without sourcing an aftermarket adaptor. The threaded barrel alone adds more of an aggressive aesthetic, separating it from the normal service-type pistols you’ll come across on airsoft skirmish fields across the globe.
The slide is constructed from alloy, with deep serrations throughout, which make the real-world BLU slide easy to rack. However, the serrations enhance the pistol’s appearance because this is an AEP pistol.
The front iron sight features a red light-enhancing insert which is easy to pick up in any lighting conditions and pairs well with the rear anti-glare iron sight, which follows the right up-to-date sight setups seen on real-world pistols that improve the shooter’s target acquisition. The slide also features two very pronounced Salient Arms trademarks, which, to be fair, could have been toned down a bit, but that’s just our personal observation. Let’s face it the pistol, after all, is an officially licenced airsoft replica through EMG, so they have every right to be there. The mock ejection port is an integral part of the slide, but unlike a GBB pistol does not function.
The fire mode selector is located on the rear left of the slide, just like the Glock 18. The selector offers both semi and fully-automatic fire, which we will admit is a lot of fun and quickly depletes the customary slim magazines associated with AEPs.
Removing the slide gives you access to the battery and hop. To achieve this, ensure the pistol is in its semi-auto position mode. The hop-up adjuster is on the left side of the barrel and has the customary direction of a turn to apply more hop-up effect. The battery sits snugly underneath the barrel and powers a high-performance motor and MOSFET.
The frame is unique to Salient Arms and based upon the layout of the Glock 18 but with some notable enhancements. The front rail is now a proper 20mm Picatinny rail, meaning you don’t need a spacer to get a tight fit with any accessories you use. Either side of the frame features a stippled section which serves as an index point for the trigger finger keeping your finger safely out of the way of the trigger and controls but close enough to take the shot quickly.
On the right of the frame sits a hidden trigger lock safety, which appears as a disassembly catch in this case. Pushing this down will lock the trigger, adding a level of safety over the two-stage Glock-style trigger.

The trigger guard has undercuts to allow you to take a higher hold on the BLU and it also has a flat leading edge to enhance your grip further.
The grip itself has texture around the front and sides, which mimics stippling, making the BLU easy and comfortable to handle whether you wear gloves or not. The rear strap has the classic SAI gold finish, mimicking the CNC brass piece of the pistol’s real-world counterpart. Likewise, the magazine release is also finished in gold with an “S in a cube” marked on its surface, which is just about as many trades as we can handle on one pistol.

The elephant in the room
We have established that this pistol is a licenced replica of a Salient Arms BLU. We have also established that this is not a congenital GBB pistol but an AEP or Airsoft Electric pistol and that alone will deter many players. The pistol will lack the realism of a moving slide and have no recoil, but on the other hand, there are some advantages to owning an AEP. The weather is the biggest factor that makes airsoft players choose an electric pistol. People who do not only play during the spring-summer season often complain that gas pistols do not work under 11 degrees Celsius (52 degrees Fahrenheit). It especially affects snipers who usually rely on a sidearm in close combat situations.
Another meaningful reason to choose airsoft electric pistols is that they do not require as much maintenance and cleaning as their counterparts.
It really is a matter of choice, of course, GBB pistol fans won’t give this AEP a second look, but there is an ever-increasing AEP appreciation society out there that won’t think twice about snapping up what is a very affordable Salient Arms BLU replica.

full metal construction
MOSFET pre-installed – Snappy trigger response
Salient Arms trademarks
14mm CCW male threaded barrel
Extended magazine release
Gloss gold backstrap
Trigger guard undercuts
Stipple texture on the frame
20mm Picatinny railed frame
Two-stage Glock-style trigger
Hidden trigger lock safety
Serrated slide
AEP Gearbox
7.4V 680mAh LiPo Micro-stick battery
USB charger

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