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Volume 19 Issue 5 has just landed in the office, and it might be one of our best yet! This issue is filled to the brim with brilliant reviews of some of the best airsoft has to offer, and we can’t wait for you to dig your teeth into it.
Finishing off our look back at some of the best ‘Gear Up’ features we’ve run over the past two decades of Airsoft International, this month we visit the ‘Silver Screen’, bringing you some of our favourite load-outs inspired by film and TV, including a fan-favourite in our brilliant Colonial Marine loadout.
Regarding AEGs and Pistols, this month we’ve got a range of brilliant offerings. First up comes the CYMA Airsoft AK ALFA, which might just be one of the best offerings from the Chinese powerhouses. Furthermore, we delve into the world of the AAP-01, with Actionarmyusa’s AAP-01C ‘Shinobi’… and we’ll be honest, they’ve made a fan of us! There are also features covering Specna Arms Official, and we ask if the Raven EU17 is ‘Any Good’? We also welcome a new section to the magazine called ‘Bolt Ons’ which looks at anything and everything you can whack onto your beloved rifles and pistols!
If you’re a tactical gear aficionado, you’ll no doubt love our range of articles on just that. This month we get hands on with MYSTERY RANCH’s ‘Blackjack LT 35’ which is a cracking bit of kit, as well as welcoming Flash Force Industries – FFI into the coveted ‘AI Essentials’, with a special thanks going to
Furthermore, there’s features covering Pentagon Tactical, Direct Action, Enola Gaye, Helikon-Tex, Splatoon Airsoft, Tokyo Marui, Umarex, G&G Armament, Gerber Gear, and much, much more!
You can pick up this issue of AI either directly through us – or via all good newsagents. Furthermore, the magazine is available digitally through PocketMags!

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