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Raven Technicolor pistol range

It’s always good to start at the beginning, but we are not quite sure where the beginning of Ravens Technicolor pistol range started.

Marketed as a “a new era of affordable GBB’s” the market has been flooded with the Raven Technicolor pistol’s range to the point it’s now over-saturated with all but a few major retailers here in the UK stocking the pistol range. One retailer mentioned that the range isn’t any worse than any other generic Chinese pistol, but it’s not a range they particularly get behind as the colour choices are bewildering. He also added, “don’t get me started on the Vorsk range as that’s a Raven product with lipstick on that the manufacturer expects top dollar for, but it doesn’t have the quality control of a premium product. It would be fair to say that the range is quite extensive.

The EU17 is a lightweight pistol with a polymer lower and Alloy slide. On a recent range test, the EU 17 achieved an average FPS of 274 using green gas and a .20 bb with an effective range of around 25-30 yards. On price, the EU17 is around £30 cheaper than its main competitors.

One issue that we experienced straight out of the box was that the magazine was somewhat problematical and fell from the pistol grip on a few occasions, a good firm slap, much harder than other pistols we have in our armoury, seemed to dispel any seating issues. You might expect to see this on a well-used pistol, though, as the magazine retention clip wears, not on a brand new pistol straight out of the box. We suspect that this is a quality control issue, which seems to be present on a number of Raven products.

The hop wheel of this pistol is situated underneath the top slide, which needs to be removed to gain access, which is a pain, especially if you have a misbehaving pistol.

Essentially the Raven EU17 is a cheap, entry-level pistol with an attractive price point, but there are much better products on the market, in our opinion, if you are willing to spend that little bit extra.





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