Volume 19, Issue 1 – Airsoft International Magazine


Welcome to Volume 19, Issue 1 of Airsoft International Magazine. This month we have some great hardware reviews from Evolution Airsoft and their E911, S&T Armaments M249, Cyma’s EMG CM.092B based on Spike’s Tactical’s Assassin M4 and FireSupport brings us the Socom M14. We also look at a couple of budget blasters from Just BB Guns in the form of the Bulldog ST Delta M and Falcon W-QD, both of which have had full reviews in the past but with a new season and new players these can’t be ignored. Tactical gear this issue comes from Semapo Gear, TMC, MODII and EB Airsoft with the best of their plate carriers, we have an assortment of chest rigs from Warrior Assault Systems, some layering options from FirstSpear and a range of Helikon-Tex gear in our Gear Up feature this issue. With our features and extra toys for you to stick on your hardware there is plenty to look at this issue.

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13-16 Tools of the trade – A round up of industry produced plate carriers
18-19 Welcome to the world of micro transactions
20-21 Soldier skills
22-25 Evolution Airsoft E19 yet another 1911
30 Warrior Assault Systems Chest Rigs
34-38 It time to take a look at layering up
40-41 Lets go downrange with the latest rifles and pistols to hit the market
42-53 Kit up with us as we as we go all woodland
55-57 Watch out, watch out there’s an assassin about
58-59 Scope out your opponents with us All you need to know about reflex sights
60-63 The classic M14 SOCOM get another outing
66-67 Subscribe and not only save money, but have Ai delivered to your door
69-73 Is it Any Good? – The Falcon W-QD and The ST Delta M from JustBBguns.co.uk
74 NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents in the next issue


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