Airsoft International Volume 15 Issue 5 – The Division 2 Loadouts

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Welcome to another great issue of the World’s Best Selling Airsoft Magazine Vol 15 Issue 5.  So what do we have for you this issue, well we’ve done our research and taken our time and bought you 3 loadouts direct from The Division 2 with the help of Ubisoft.  We are very pleased with the way these came out and hope you like them too but more importantly be able to use them on the skirmish field.  We’ve also this issue taken a look at the real world US Military Advanced Technology programme and transferred it onto the skirmish field to bring you our version of a future warrior.  Its great going old school but also nice to do something a little different on the skirmish field.  We have kit reviews from Templar’s Gear, Travail Fitness plates, ESS Goggles, Vipers Gen II Elite Combat Trousers and Airsoft Innovations new Tornado 2 Grenade.

We have a roundup  from ICS’s MX5 Range and a company we’ve heard little about Arthurian Airsoft and their Excalibur range of AEG’s.  We have an article on a few of Umarex pistols too for you to look at.

With all the festival’s around this summer we thought we’d send Victoria to a few and she visited Airfest and the War & Peace Revival Show.

We also have a review on the great kit for our little fans from Trooper Clothing who are producing some great kit for our little warriors.

On sale 29th August from all great Newstrade outlets, Airsoft shops and direct from us at ai-mag.com or digitally though pocketmags.com where you will also receive Military 1st catalogue free of charge.

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9                  What’s on the cover

13-17           High-Speed Low Drag – Tomorrows world Today!

18-19         Gallery Overspill from the recent Ai500

22/23          The right tools in the right place for the right job – Templar’s Gear

26               Travail Training Plates

30                ESS Profile TurboFan Goggles

32-33          Legitimate Target – Victoria visits Airfest 2019

36-37          Mini-Me – combat gear for the little warrior in your life

40-47          Gear up with us – 3 different Division II loadouts to try on a skirmish field

50-51         The War and Peace show 2019

53-56         Arthurian Airsoft ‘Crusader’

60-62         Umarex HK VP9

64-65         Viper Tactical Gen II Elite Trousers

68-71         ICS MX5 Round up

72-73            Airsoft innovations Tornado II

75-78          The Good Gig Guides- the most up to date and compressive UK Airsoft Site listing yet

82               Dytac Tactical licensed Gentech tracer Unit

83               Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder speed loader

85               PTS Hardwar Fortis Shift Short Angled Grip

87               Tokyo Marui Recoil shock gearbox

88-89         Subscribe to your Favorite Airsoft Magazine

94               NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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