Airsoft International Volume 15 Issue 3 – Tropic Thunder

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Welcome to Volume 15 Issue 3 of Airsoft International magazine, the Worlds No 1 bestselling Airsoft Magazine.


So what do we have for you this issue, well lets start with our gear feature and this month we offer you Multicam Tropic Thunder!  Whilst this sounds exotic this camo does very well in the European theatre so is perfect for those woodland sites here in the UK and across Europe.  The kit featured in this article can be bought from Taiwan Gun, Airsoft Zone.com and Safariland to name but a few.  Also in this issue we have kit from Viper, Tactical Tailor, Grey Shop, Redcoat Apparel, Spiritus Systems, Nuprol and Lowa.  Our site report this issue is straight from the Midland Airsoft Fair 2019 and our hardware this issue is Tokyo Marui’s M4A1 GBBR, the SR92A1 – SRC’s replica of the M9 and the iconic LCT M60VN.


We hope you enjoy this issue, on sale now directly from us or on July 4th 2019 from all good newsagents, Airsoft Shops and digitally from pocketmags.com.



9                  What’s on the cover

13-15         High Speed Low Drag – Get that Gopnitsa Tactical look for the skirmish field

18-19         Gallery Over spill from the recent Ai500

22/23          The right tools in the right place for the right job – Improving a Tactical Tailor MAV

26               Viper Tactical Buckle Up Utility Rig

30                FMA’s Ranger Green Fast Helmet

32-33         Site Report – Midlands Airsoft Fair

36-37          Tried and Tested – Protective Headgear for the field

40-47         Gear up with us as – Tropic Thunder or Multicam Tropic

49-51          Legitimate Target Victoria looks at some great fashion items that work on both the skirmish field and                      on the High Street

52-53         Ai Industry Awards- We announce the WINNERS !

55-57         We bring out the Big Guns with LTC’s M60VN

60-65         Dave porter takes a look at SR9-2A1 GBB pistol

68-70         Jason Green gets to grips with Tokyo Marui M4A1 GBBR Z-System

72-73          WoSports 5th generation headset

75-78          The Good Gig Guides- the most up to date and compressive UK Airsoft Site listing yet

81-83         Spiritus Systems – Under Our Spotlight

85               Nuprol Optics Holo Sights

87                Lowa GTX TF Zephyr Mid boots- give your feet a treat

88-89         Subscribe to your Favorite Airsoft Magazine

94               NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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