Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 18 Issue 6

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Welcome to another issue of Airsoft International Magazine Volume 18 Issue 6.  In this issue we have hardware from Double Eagle and their M917G SMG, this is a nice AEG with components you know won’t let you down, the price tag is excellent and AI readers can also get 5% off when using the discount code inside the magazine!

We have some great optics from Vortex with their holographic sight and for those marksman out there we take a look at the Vector Forester Scope, this will not only look good on your rifle but is very easy to use and is one of the best optics we have reviewed for the price.

We have some great tactical gear this issue from Direct Action and Helikon all available from Miliary1st.co.uk.

We have a headset from Sordin and their CC Supreme range and an FMA Amp Tactical headset with noise cancelling capability and a choice of wearing options.

With our usual special features from Kit up to our resident Sniper this issue is a great read.

On sale 22nd September from www.ai-mag.com, newsagents up and down the country and digitally from www.pocketmags.com and search Airsoft.



13-16      Tools of the trade- FMA AMP Tactical headset

18-19      On a budget – Join us as we take a look at kit for under £30.00

21-25      Strike Systems Commander XP18

26-27      How to stay hydrated on a skirmish field – the right way

28-29      Magpul Eyewear

30            Its time to grab that shot gun you have always wanted

34-35      Grey Man – grey kit that’s right for a skirmish field

36-37      AMG UH1 from Vertex Optics

40           Lets go downrange with the latest rifles and pistols to hit the market

42.51      Kit up with us as we keep that maritime vibe going

52-53      Direct Action Vanguard Combat set

55-57      Classic Army UMC SMG

58-59     Vertex Optics short dot Forester

60-63     Double Eagle M917G SMG

64-65      We enter the world of the skirmish field sniper

66-67      Subscribe and not only save money, but have Ai delivered to your door

69-73        The Good Gig Guide – the most up to date  UK Airsoft Site listing yet

74             NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents in the next issue


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