Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 18 Issue 3

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Our new issue Volume 18 Issue 3 is packed full of reviews and articles to help you on your Airsoft journey.  This issue we take a look at plate carriers from Qore Performance, some very nice trousers from Helikon, we talk gears, tracer units and holsters and take a special look at the SAS/SBS and showcase two summer loadouts featuring these two very British Units. Hardware this issue is Tokyo Mauri’s P226 E2 pistol, three shotguns all under £30.00 and we take a good look at Bulldog Airsofts two-tone rifles that are anything but a starter rifle for your first skirmish experiences.

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13            Z Tactical CT5 PTT

14-15      Tracer units Myths busted

18-19      On a budget – Join us as we take a look at kit for under £30.00

21-23      SIG is the way! Mauri’s P226 E2

24            Beating a different drum with HFC’s gas pistol drum mag

25-27      Qore Performances Iceplate System is on test.

28-30      Workshop – Lets look at Circuits

34-38      Lets get technical about fabrics

38- 39     Woodsman Trousers – something a bit different for the skirmish field

40-41      Let go down range with the latest rifles and pistols to hit the market

42.55      Kit up with us as we take you into the world of the British SBS

51-53      Lasers – Fact or Fiction, Myths exposed

57-63      Out of the Blue – we take a look at some great two tones rifles from Bulldog

64-65      Holsters on test

68-69         We continue our look into the world of the skirmish field sniper

70-71       Subscribe and not only save money, but have Ai delivered to your door

73-77          The Good Gig Guide – the most up to date  UK Airsoft Site listing yet

78             NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents in the next issue


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