Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 17 Issue 4

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Welcome to Volume 17, Issue 4 of Airsoft International Magazine on sale from newstrade outlets, Airsoft shops and our website from 29th July 2021.


In this issue Nick reviews a couple of Pistols from SRC, Jason looks at the Karambit from Arcturus and the CM.032.G from Cyma.  Our resident sniper also gets his hands on some hardware this issue and brings you the TAC41 from SRS.


We got our hands on the impressive VX Operator set from Viper and yes we were very impressed.  We also bring you new gloves from Vertx, a headset from Earmor and FMA’s Tactical Phone case.


Kit up is with the DEA Special response team and we look at the benefits of carrying your mags Inverted, interesting concept but seems to work!


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13-17       Let’s go Inverted – Are there benefits to invert your magazine pouches?

18-19       News – What’s hot in the industry

21-24       SRC’s Baba Yaga and Kikimora

27-30       Viper Tactical VX operator set – Quality kit at an unbelievable price

33-36       Arcturus Karambit – A budget AEG that’s punching well about its weight

38-39       Introducing the Xcortech X3300W Airsoft Advanced Bb Control Unit

40-47       Kit up with us as we go full on DEA

48-49       FMA Tactical Phone Case

51-53       Tools of the trade –Earmor M32 Mark3 MilPro headset, its well worth a look

54-57         CYMA’s CM.032.G or EBR it’s a beast, but a perfect DMR

60-61         Hoodies – It may be sunny but a hoodie is always a good idea in the UK!

64-65          Ares M320 Grenade Launcher

66-67          Touchy Feely – some new gloves from Vertx

68-69        We continue our look into the world of the skirmish field sniper

70-71        Subscribe and not only save money, but have Ai delivered to your door

73-77        The Good Gig Guide – the most up to date  UK Airsoft Site listing yet

78              NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents in the next issue


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