Airsoft International Magazine Volume 17 Issue 10

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Welcome to Volume 17 Issue 10 of Airsoft International Magazine.  We hope you all had a good Christmas and hope 2022 is the year the world gets back to normal and we start to play Airsoft again.


So if you are playing you are going to want new gear, and what better than the Future Commando Force programme.  After all who doesn’t want to hit the skirmish field in all the latest kit.  This loadout brought to you from Primal Gear, with accessories from Lone Star Tactical, Weapon 762 and Safariland to name but a few will bring you up to date and out of the shadows without costing a fortune.  We have had so much interest in our Designer Benno’s L119A1 since it was featured last month that he agreed to put it back in between the pages for you to copy, admire and offer him small children in exchange for but promises it will be the last time so take notes, put it on your wall or make a mood board.  Other hardware this issue is Evolution Airsoft’s LR300 AXL, Cyma’s CM.009A4 and a round up of the best pistols bought out in 2021 which you can now finally go out and use and abuse.

We have kit from Viper, Ferro Concepts, Spiritus Systems, Tactical Tailor and Blue Force gear to name but a few, Altama boots are back with an upgrade and Baofeng radio’s just got chunky with their new 152 radio.


Available from 13th January 2022 from all good newsagents, Airsoft Retailers, our website www.ai-mag.com and digitally from www.pocketmags.com and search Airsoft International.






13-15      Is the BAOFENG 152 Style Radio a TRI Killer

18-19      News – What’s hot in the industry

20-25      We take a look back at some of the pistols that made it on sale throughout 2021

26-27      AGOG -a skirmish field classic

28-29      Low riders a look into the world of drop down pouches

32-33      AR Design – Evolution Airsoft’s LR 300 AXL is under our spotlight

34-39      The L119A1 a modern day classic

40-49      Kit up with us as we take a look at the gear used in the Future Commando Force programme

51-53      Safariland Holsters

55-57      We go long with CYMA’s CM.009A4

60-61      Whats new with Altama OTB Maritime Assault boots

64-67      M4 Mag Pouches on Test

68-69      We continue our look into the world of the skirmish field sniper – Is the Duth Army vest the best?

70-71        Subscribe and not only save money, but have Ai delivered to your door

73-77      The Good Gig Guide – the most up to date  UK Airsoft Site listing yet

78           NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents in the next issue


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