Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 16 Issue 6


After 6 months away from the newstrade Vol 16 Issue 6 is back at the shops.  Thank you to all of you that have supported our magazine and purchased directly through us, you can still do this but you can now go back down to your local newsagents and buy again.  This is particularly good for all you overseas buyers.

So what’s in this issue?  Well, we sent Jason out with a budget to go buy a loadout, minus the hardware and he did pretty good and shows you guys where the bargains are at. Specna Arms sent us their SA-E20 Edge, so Dave being a bit of a fan was the obvious choice to do a review for you guys.  We also had our ultimate sniper Gary take a look at the Silverback SRS A2 Bullpup, we haven’t had it back yet so I am presuming he liked it!  We also take a look at ICS’s BLE Pistol and a quick peek at Cyber Guns FNX 45.  With Gear from Qore Performance, UF Pro, Magnum, Gerber, Viper and Warrior this sure is a bumper issue for you to get your teeth into.

Available in newstrade from 24th September 2020 and direct from our website or digitally at and search Airsoft International.

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13-16      Airsoft On A Budget  – Bounce back to Airsoft with a budget-busting loadout

18-19      News – What’s hot in the industry

21-25      Specna Arms SA E20 Edge under our spotlight

26-27      Gallery

30-31      Qore Performance – ICE Plate Carrier

33-35      The ICS BLE Pistol is put to the test

36-37      Gear Focus UF Pro is a brand you should be looking at

40-49      Gear up with us – From the Silver Screen to the Skirmish Scene

50-51      Workshop – Spray your weapon and get that Special Forces look

54-57      Silver Backs SRS Sniper Rifle

58/59      Down Range with Cyber Gun FNX 45

62-63      Its nomination time once again for the AI Industry awards

64-67      Gerber – The Ideal tool for the Skirmish Field

70-71      Drop Down Pouches – there’s one for everyone

72            Magnum Opus Assault Boots

73-77      The Good Gig Guide – the most up to date and compressive UK Airsoft Site

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78            NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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