Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 16 Issue 4 – AT-AK12


Welcome to Vol 16 Issue 4 of Airsoft International.  As here in the UK and all over the World we start to get back to the sport we love we hope you are all doing so safely and above all responsibly.  To help you do so we have put together another great issue of Airsoft International to keep you up to date with all that’s new in our world/

Hardware this issue comes from Arcturus and their AT-AK12, is it an AK or AR?  Read our article to see what we thought! We also have the Falcon ST-W from SRC, we’ve heard some great things are coming from their factory so let’s see. We also have a quick look at the Recon SMR MK1 10” from Evolution Airsoft.  Raven have bought out a new pistol, the MEU 1911 and this issue we bring you an in depth look at. We also bring you fast helmets, the new Halo Mask from Cobham Phoenix, some great new tactical gear from Viper and that all important IFAK pouch makes an appearance, which one is right for you.

Gear Up brings you another element from the Silver Screen and this month we travel back in time to World War 2 and Easy Company versus Fallschirmjager.  We bring you some great stencils courtesy of Ballistic Designs IOM and our Workshop article shows you how to use them effectively.


We have some great news too, this issue will be going back into Newstrade in our bid to help the British High Street get back on its feet during this awful epidemic.  Of course, you can still buy directly from us if you wish or digitally but if you are back out and about and want to support local industries we are now back in stock from where you bought before.  This will be a little later in the week though and not available till at lease 1st August 2020.

So you can buy now directly from our website or digitally and search Airsoft International or Newstrade from 1st August or from your local Airsoft shop via our exclusive deal with Thatch Reed.   Enjoy and stay safe.

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13-16        Furious 5 Out top 5 Skirmish field helmets

18-19        News – What’s hot in the industry

26-27      TMC’s Cobham Phoenix Halo Mask

29-31        Ballistic Designs IOM Stencil kits

33-35        Falcon ST-W 9mm or AR

36-37        Viper Tactical V-Cam black

40-49        Gear up with us – From the Silver Screen to the Skirmish Scene

51              Illuminate your target with Element Airsofts EX 328 DBAL

54-59        Arcturus AK12 Hits the spot with us

58/59      We take Evolution Airsofts Recon SMR  Down Range

62-63         Its nomination time once again for the AI Industry awards

64-67        The Ultimate Sniper – brings you loadbearing equipment

66-67        Pentagon – We showcase some “summer choice picks’

68/69     Subscribe to your Favourite Airsoft Magazine

72-73        Find the Medical pouch that’s right for you

75-79        The Good Gig Guide – the most up to date and compressive UK Airsoft Site listing yet

82              NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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