Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 16 Issue 13


Welcome to a new month and the latest issue of Airsoft International Vol 16 Issue 13.


We have a great issue for you this month and some great AEG’s have been reviewed.  First off its Specna Arms SA-H11, go see what Nick thinks of this mid range AEG.  Secondly we have the Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Team Rifle and lets just say that nearly a month after getting his hands on this one and reviewing it Jason is still going on about how good it was! Definitely something for you guys to keep an eye on when you go back to the Airsoft Retailers very soon.  Finally in down-range we looked at the King Arms PDW 9MM SBR Short and are very much looking forward to getting this in to do a full review.  Pistol wise as last month we looked at the various AEG’s out in 2020 we have looked at all the pistols available last year.


Gear Up is all about FFI’s Desert Night Camo Gen 4 Combat set and we have tactical gear from Weapon 762, Nuprol, AttackPak and Qore Performance.  Our resident sniper gets us thinking about the dreaded ‘joule creep’ and why its important to understand it and with everyone thinking more and more about the environment we take a look at the new range of Vorsk BB’s that include a range of Biodegradable options which look very promising.


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13-17      Tools for the Trade – Micro chest rigs – we put Nuprols PMC Micro B

Rig to the test

18-19      News – What’s hot in the industry

21-27      Guns, Guns, lots of Guns! –  7 of the best Pistols from 2020

28-29      Vorsk BBs under our spotlight

31-34      Specna Arms SH – A11 – A reasonably priced AEG, which you won’t want to miss

38-39      Attackpak release some new items for 2021 – here is a sneak peek for you.

40-49      Own the Night –  the eagerly awaited US Night vision Gen 4 Camouflage from Flash Force Industries

50-53      TMC’s Fighter Plate Carrier An Ideal High Speed low drag rig that won’t break the bank

54-57      Something a bit different from the factory of G&G. The Cobalt Kinetics     BAMF Team rifle pops up on our radar and gets a big “Thumbs up”

60-61      Qore Performance – New gear for 2021 – innovation at its finest

64-65      We take King arms 9mm PDW down range for the first time

66-69      We continue our look into the world of the skirmish field sniper

77-781    The Good Gig Guide – the most up to date  UK Airsoft Site

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82            NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of next issue


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