Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 16 Issue 11


Welcome to Volume 16 Issue 11 of Airsoft International Magazine.

On this issue we have some great guns on review, first off we have ICS’s 131 ARK, a new AK variant that has gone down very well with our AK fan Jason, we look at the M870 Shotgun by Golden Eagle, doesn’t matter if you’re the good or bad guy with this setup, you’ll love it either way, finally we look at the CM16 LMG from G&G, another fantastic replica and worth every penny.

Gear this issue comes from Viper and their VX Buckle up System which is just incredible and worth every penny, our micro machines chest rig this issue is from 8Fields and is well worth the money! We look at Hugger Airsoft’s protective lens range, Magpul’s eyewear range, AttackPAK’s Reaper Gun Belt and StratAIM bring out a new Impact Grenade.  Finally our Gear Up section this issue is a look back at our favourite camouflage options to get you thinking of which direction you want to go in when you get back on the skirmish field.

Stay safe everyone.

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13-17      Tools for the Trade – Micro chest rigs – we put the all new 8Fields Compact Multi-Mission Chest Rig to the                           test

18-19     News – What’s hot in the industry

21-25      Jason Green Spends some time with ICS’s 131 ARK and finds a new AK variant that’s so good he wants to                                 keep it

31            Optic Protection – Got expensive Optics? Well, Hugger Airsoft has got you covered!

32-35     Golden Eagle M870 Shot Gun gets in a spin

38-39     We take a first look at the new series of Ballistic shapes from Magpul

40-47     Gear up with us as we take a look at 8 of our favourite camouflage options

48-52     Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up system

54-57      Jason Green brings out the Big guns as he goes down range with G&G


60           AttackPAK’s Reaper Gun Belt is thrown under our spotlight

60-61     StratAIM Impact grenade on test

66-67      Pentagon’s Hybrid Tactical Boots are more than a simple pair of high top trainers

70-71      We continue our look into the world of the skirmish field sniper

77-81      The Good Gig Guide – the most up to date  UK Airsoft Site

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82           NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of next next issue


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