Airsoft International Magazine Volume 15 Issue 6 – Bravo Two Zero

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Sorry, this is a little late this month but I went on holiday and completely forgot to put it up before I left. “Why didn’t you do it while you were away” I hear you all yell! While technology has got to the point where you can do anything anywhere in the world now with a touch of a button sadly I cannot say the same about myself and when I leave my phone on charge in the kitchen for the duration of my holiday… well, you get the picture!

So what’s in this issue that has been on sale in all good newsagents for the past few days and flying off the shelves without my monthly intervention I might add, well we have some great gun reviews mostly it seems from Tokyo Marui this issue with their Recoil Recce Rifle, the HK416C and the ever popular Colt M1911A1.  We have thrown in a Cyma for you too with a World Exclusive of their CM.098A, I can see this one coming back in the next few issues as Jason has already asked for a budget to turn this into a DMR.  We have some gear this issue from Vel Tye, Eagle Industries, Condor, Nuprol and Stratam to name but a few and our Gear Up this issue is from Grey Shop with their take on the Russian Alpha Group’s kit.  On sale now from all good newsagents and Airsoft Shops and now on our website www.ai-mag.com and don’t forget digitally from pocketmags.com




9                  What’s on the cover

13-15           High-Speed Low Drag -TMC gear

16-19         Gallery Your pictures from around the community

22/23          The right tools in the right place for the right job – Do Magazines matter?

26               Helikon Gunfighter Jacket

30                UR Tactical Ops – easy Chest rig

32-33          Legitimate Target – Victoria visits Extreme Airsoft

36-37           Shop visit – Leicestershire Airsoft

40-47           Gear up with us as we take you back in time to GW1 – Bravo Two Zero

49-51         Back up! The latest Assault panels to hit the market

54-56         Silverback SRS Sniper Rifle

60-62         ICS Makarov

64-66         JG’s G36

69-71         King Arms 9mm SBR PDW

72-73            Karrimor SF

75-79          The Good Gig Guides- the most up to date and compressive UK Airsoft Site listing yet

81-83         KinetiXx Glove round up

85               Gears of War Upgrading your blaster

87               8Field Spec Ops MICH

88-89         Subscribe to your Favorite Airsoft Magazine

94               NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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