Airsoft International Magazine Volume 14 Issue 2 – High Speed, Low Drag!

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We cannot believe another four weeks have passed since the last instalment of AI and we are halfway through another year.  For most of us fair weather players that means a dust off of our kit and back out there playing the game we love, and for you guys, we have some great new kit for you to look at from plate carriers, drop pouches and back panels.  For those that have played all winter and have been packing everything but the kitchen sink we have a special High Speed, Low Drag article for you to shred some gear and settle into that summer look and Phil helps you take some weight off your blaster.  We have reviews on the CM.002A1, the M3 Super 90 Shotgun from TM and Salient Arms EMG1911-1 pistol which comes directly from our new Pistol sponsor Zero One Airsoft.  Our featured article this month is on the Old School PJ’s, and we have our exclusive report on the recent Op – Nuke Town, our first AI500 instalment for 2018.  Enjoy this issue – on sale 7th June 2018.


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9          Foreword – Find out what you can expect to find in this jam packed issue and also what’s             new in the Airsoft world

13-15   Lets shed some gear and go “High Speed low Drag” for the summer

16-17   Gallery – See if you can spot yourself in our popular gallery

22-23   Low Riders – We take a look at the most popular drop pouches on the skirmish field

26-29   “As slick as you’d like” – We continue to take a look at a cross section of “Slick” Plate    Carriers, there’s one to fit every budget

31-33     Dave Porter spends some time with the “no thrills” fun that is the CM.002A1

36-37     Open Comms – A Brief Guide

40-47   GEAR UP! – Old School PJ’s

50-58   The AAR of the first instalment of this year’s AI500

60-61   Richie Mitchell continues his column with a look at some off the peg clothing that’s readily available for the heavier airsofter

63-66   Our new Zero One Airsoft Sponsored pistol feature – Dave Porter reviews a Salient Arms      EMG 1911-1 and decides he must have this in his armoury

68-70     Jason Green gets up close and personal with the M3 super 90 Shotgun from TM

72-73     Phil B Stripes his blaster down in preparation for summer

75-78   Metal Slide – How to fit a metal slide to your Glock 17

81-83   Who has your back? Assault Back Panels

86-87     Jacob Miller – Has a rant

88        SUBSCRIPTIONS – Take advantage of some great deals from your favourite Airsoft magazine

90        NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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