Airsoft International Magazine Volume 14 Issue 1 – NAVY SEAL’s VBSS

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Whoever thought when we started on this journey that today would see Volume 14 issue 1 on sale.  All those that have been on board from the start and the ones that have joined us along the way we thank you so much for your continued support in making this the best Airsoft Magazine out there.  So what do we have for you this issue?  Dave has been reviewing ICS’s MX5-A5 and Army Armament R28 pistol – what did he think… read on… Ritchie has moved on to pants or as we like to call them here in the UK Trousers, so don’t be too alarmed, Phil talks about his love for plate carriers and we have lost Jacob to his exams for the next few months so have given you a few extra pages of kit reviews.  This issue we have boots galore, plate carriers, slings and holsters, headsets, face masks and gloves from Mechanix for you to try on for size.  We also have the results from our Industry Awards, thank you so much to everyone that voted, it was great to see a whole bunch of new entries appearing.  Enjoy… On sale 10th May from all retailers and from our on-line store.


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9          Foreword – Find out what you can expect to find in this jam packed issue and also what’s             new in the Airsoft world

13-17   Hiking Boots on test for the Skirmish Field

22-23   Ai Industry Awards Winner announced

26-29   “As slick as you’d like” – We continue to take a look at a cross section of “Slick” Plate    Carriers, there’s one to fit every budget

31-33   Dave Porter spends some time with ICS’s MX5- A5

34        Myth Buster All Gassed Up! Propane v Airsoft Gas

36-37   Lock and Load Slings and Holsters

40-50   GEAR UP! – Old School Navy SEALS

50-51   All Ears – We put this skirmish field communications company to the test

52-53   It’s a cover up – We take a look at the most popular face masks on the Skirmish Field

57-58   Crye-ing out for help part III – Big brand prices too much for you to swallow? Well we might         have found some precision alternatives.

60-61   Richie Mitchell continues his column with a look at some off the peg clothing that’s readily available to the larger than average airsofter

63-65   Pistol Dave Porter take a look at the super cheap, super good Army Armaments R28

67        Booty Call Viper Tactical Covert Boot

68-70   Used and Abused!

72-73   Phil B talks about his love of plate carriers and the best way to load em up

75-78   The Devils in the detail – Built your very own Recoil SPR part II

81-83   Mechanix Gloves round up

88        SUBSCRIPTIONS – Take advantage of some great deals from your favourite Airsoft magazine

90        NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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