Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 8 – 2018 Wall Planner!

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The all new issue of Airsoft International is available to buy now! Featuring Stocking fillers for your Airsoft loving family members, reviews on recoils from Tokio Marui, ASGs MK23, Vortex sights, First Tactical Defender pants and LMT Defender. We review your top 3 Kit Up loadouts over the last decade and we have a review on all you need for your winter Airsofting. All this and we’ve even thrown in a 2018 Wall Planner for you!  Buy online now and don’t miss out!


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Vol 13 Issue 8 – Contents

12-15 – Photo Spotlight – Here’s a recap of some of our favourite in action pictures from recent years.

22-23 – ICS On Site! – ICS guns have arrived at JD Airsoft, find out about the new MARS range.

26-29 – Stocking Fillers – Top gifts and goodies for well under £100 quid

30-31 – First Tactical – All new Defender Pants packed with features

32-35 Recoil Roundup – Which is the best Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock gun? Find out here

36-37 – Fully Loaded! – We walk you through and advise on what to pack for a full weekender game

40-45 – Featured! – Readers top Three! Your favourite Kit Up photoshoots from the last decade

46-47 – UKAPA – Phil B reaches out and gets an update on UKAPU

50-52 ASG MK23 – The silent assassin, one of airsoft’s favourite player pistols

53-55 – Vortex Sights – VIP lietime warranty and real steel quality

58-59 – Soldier Skills – Work as a team to be more effective on the field

63-70 – Wet and Wild – Gear up to battle the elements this winter

75-79 – MP5 Alive – Resurrect your tired old MP5 with this takedown guide

82-83 – LMT Defender – find out what extras you get fr yourmoney with this ASG AEG

86-87 – Gear Frenzy – Jacob picks up some gucci gear and gives it a review

90 – Monster Mosfets – Reader’s questions about MOSFETs and ECUs


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