Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 7 – The Grey Load Outs

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The all new issue of Airsoft International is available to buy now! Featuring sidearm reviews, new gear from Nuprol, Warrior and Snugpak. There is a full report on our recent AI500 with pictures in our gallery section, and a feature on one of our readers Grey loadouts. Buy online now and don’t miss out!


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9 – FOREWORD – it’s the end of an era as Airsoft International makes a big announcement.

12-15 – PHOTO SPOTLIGHT – Ai500 Action! See if our lenses caught you in the act.

22-23 – Know Your Limits – Airsoft gun power levels, how to find them and the law, all covered in one place.

26-31 – Ai500 – Unfinished Business – Check the after action report from Ai500 Unfinished Business

28-29 – Nuprol PEQ-15 – Go-to accessories from Nuprol and a little history of the military applications of laser and lights.

32-37 – Side Arm Round Up – A bulk round up of side arms, which one will you fill your holster with?

40-45 – Chris Tibbot’s CTSFO Load out – An amazingly well detailed, thoroughly researched reader’s load out

46-47 – Pack your Back-up! – Phil B talks about side arms and why you should make more effort to use yours.

50-53 – Jing Gong G36 – A classic budget and starter gun with bags of potential that is sorely overlooked.

54-55 – Soldier Skills – More essential tips and tricks to make you and your team more effective on the skirmish field.

58-59 – Case Closed – Nuprol’s hard-case range is reviewed and rated, from small to extra large, there’s one for your gun!

62-63 – Snugpak Elite 4 Sleeping Bag – One bag to rule them all. A versatile and competitively priced sleeping bag.

64-65 – SIGHTS – Select a sight for your rifle and get your shots on target!

70-71 – HR4K – With HR4K the fun doesn’t have to stop when the game is over, join the tactical revolution!

75-79 – JG G36 Takedown – Strip your JG G36 to component level for upgrades and maintenance with this handy guide.

82-83 – Warrior Gunfighter Belt – Warrior Assault System’s Gunfighter Belt system brings new features to a classic system.

86-87 – Marshal Law – Jacob tries his hand at marshalling and finds out what it’s like on the other side of a game.

90 – Reader’s Letter – You write in, we answer, it’s as simple as that! Get in touch on [email protected]


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