Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 6 – ALL ABOUT THE EVO

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The all new issue of Airsoft International is available to buy now! Featuring real steel optics, new gear from Nuprol, affordable comms kit and some DIY techniques. Of course there’s full coverage of the exclusive ASG EVO Owner’s Club Event, the first of its kind here in the UK. Buy online now and don’t miss out!


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9 – FOREWORD – Your attitude makes or breaks the atmosphere at airsoft games, have you got it right?

12-15 – PHOTO SPOTLIGHT – Evos in action at the first Owner’s Club Event at Halo Mill – Proving Ground

22-23 – Oi Oi! – Dr Martens are a name you might associate with boots but maybe not this kind!

26-27 – FIRST TACTICAL – New kit from this new brand, all thanks to Military 1st!

28-29 – Nuprol PEQ-15 – Go-to accessories from Nuprol and a little history of the military applications of laser and lights.

32-35 – Tokyo Marui SGR-12 – it’s nothing short of a monster. Find out about Marui’s new flagship auto shotgun.

36-37 – Masking the Issue – The debate that just won’t die… Phil asks if full face protection should be mandatory or not?

38-39 – Airsoft In Russia – Find out how the game is played in the motherland. There are more similarities that you might imagine!

40-47 – Evo Owner’s Club Report – This unique event bought together a group of enthusiasts and paves the way for more in the future.

50-53 – Tokyo Marui M40A5 – Marui’s latest sniper rifle is compared with the proven ASG M40 springer.

54-55 – LIGHTS OUT! – Essential skills for fighting it out in the darkness of night. Do you have what it takes?

58-59 – Shields Up! – The Shield CQS reflex sight is tried and tested. Is it worth investing in some quality glass?

62-63 – Baofeng Radios – Fully featured comms gear for well under £30? Sounds a bit too good to be true…

64-65 – PTS RECOIL MAGS – Finally PTS put out the all new EPM Recoil specific mid cap magazine.

70-71 – Layer Up – Jonathan Wade, for Canadian Forces member teaches some essential layering lessons for this winter.

75-79 – INSIDE UPGRADES – Fins out what you need to know about the most common AEG upgrades so you can spend wisely.

82-83 – FLIPPED OFF! – Gerber Gear’s latest “flipper” knives for getting the job done under pressure.

86-87 – Personal Development – Can airsoft really teach you valuable life skills? Jacob shares his experiences.


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