Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 12 Issue 9

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Airsoft International Magazine Volume 12 Issue 9 is now on sale featuring amazing Semapo Gear products showcased by Dan Williams and Tom Cox.

Nuprol’s latest Delta AEG line is revealed in full, both inside and out and the whole team shares experiences of how to cope with winter and the cold.

Don’t miss out of the last issue of 2016!

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Contents – Volume 12 Issue 9

9 – Foreword – Winter kit is one of the points of focus from the Ai Team this month but the Editor gives you the lowdown here.

12-15 – Photo Spotlight – Some jaw dropping, vibrant images all the way from Ireland sit neatly on our Spotlight pages this month. Feast your eyes!

16-17 – How Did I End Up Here? – From Chile to the GROM HQ in Poland is a mighty trip so check out what the link is in this fascinating story.

22-29 – Nuprol Delta AEG Range – All new and on the shelves in your favourite stores, we lift the lid on the new range of guns on the scene.

32-33 – NEW GEAR FROM PTS – PTS hammer out even more amazing new, fully-licensed products this month

34-35 – Mael Eóin Tactical – In his quest for better gear, Jacob has spent some time with a new custom sew-shop!

36-38 – Armalite M15 Tactical Carbine by ASG – You get a lot of blasting for your buck with the MOSFET-equipped M15 from ASG, reviewed here!

40-45 – Semapo Gear – Dan “FooFighter” Williams and photographer Tom Cox team up to show off some of the newest kit from Semapo Gear

48-49 – Sub Zero – When the going gets cold, the clever get wrapped up in SnugPak kit! All-over insulation from this UK brand.

50 – Unsung Heroes – There are a few little shops around the place that really do keep the wheels of airsoft turning and this month we wanted to shine a little light on Component Shop!

52-53 – Platatac Helmet Cover – Take your lid to the next level with this high-end, high-spec cover sourced from HR4K!

54 – King Of Sights – Vision King’s Short Dot is one of the best priced and most functional airsoft sights you’ll find on the market.

58-59 – Winter Warmers – S23 is an all-weather warrior and he knows what you need to wear in winter. Check in and find out more.

62-63 – TIME OUT! – Is it wrong to want to take a break? Of course it isn’t but just don’t sell all hose guns!

66-67 – ACE OF BASE – Base layers are the foundation of good winter wear, Military 1st supply a set for every budget!

70-71 – FIRING POINT – What’s the score? Is airsoft a good competitive game and should we worry about winners and losers, or can we just enjoy the little things?

75-80 – Make Mil-Sim Work – Mil-Sim is all the rage these days with more players looking to take their game to the next level, find out what the most important things to take along is…

82-83 – Helikon Tex – Upgrade your admin with this new line of urban lifestyle pouches for your gadgets and gizmos.

86 – Reader’s Letters – Ill gotten gains might be tempting if you need that gucci gear, but recent events have given us pause for thought.


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