Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 12 Issue 7

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The new issue of Airsoft International has landed and once more it is brimming with great airsoft tips, advice and images from all over the world. This months we feature on the history and kit of the US Navy SEALs and also feature some stunning photography from Spain!

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Contents – Volume 12 Issue 7

9 – Foreword – Airsoft is a vast place these days and the Editor wonders if we can’t all just get along?

12-15 – Photo Spotlight – Some amazing images all the way from Spain are featured in a bumper size spotlight in this month’s issue!

16 – Local Load Outs – Our long standing feature has returned this month with another reader’s load out. Check out what’s in use!

22-27 – KIT UP! – SEALs THROUGH THE AGES – We run through what the world’s most popular unit has been rocking since right back in “Nam!

32-33 – The Midlands Airsoft Fair – We visited The Gaol to find out what was going down at The Midlands Airsoft Fair.

34-35 – What’s In Store For You? – Jacob might have youth on his side but he explains why he prefers the old fashioned way of shopping for guns and kit.

36-38 – DEEP THREES – Three budget-friendly pistols so you can pack some heat even when the temperature plummets.

40-44 – ULTIMATE UPGRADES – ASG’s ULTIMATE line gives you everything you could ever need to max out your blaster.

48-49 – What is Real-Sim? – It’s a new buzzword that’s been flying around the ‘net, but what is “Real-Sim”?

50 – TOP BUY! VIPER FLEECE – If there was one thing we’d put on our shopping list, it’s this top Viper fleece, find out why.

52-55 – ASG DEVIL CQB 7” – Look no further than ASG’s DEVIL range of ASGs if you want top quality and great value.

58-59 – The Great Divide – S23 has realised that airsoft is getting a little fractured. It’s time to tie it all together again.

62-63 – TRI COM-TAC III HEADSET – Thanks to JK Army and TRI we take a look at the all new, fully functional TRI Com-Tac III Radio Headset.

64 – The Draft Club Ammo – We test out some top quality ammo from this new brand, from .20g all the way to .30g.

66-67 – FFI Pouches – A group of great replica pouches from FFI in one round-up. Kit out your plate carrier or chest rig in style.

70-71 – FIRING POINT – With the imminent release of Battlefield 1 we wonder if airsoft will go old-school again?

75-80 – Inside the CZ 805 BREN – We strip down ASG’s new CZ 805 BREN AEG to find out what makes it tick.

86 – Reader’s Letters – Have your say and send in your letters… Obviously you can email them in in this day and age!


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