Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 12 Issue 4 – Black Hawk Down

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Check out this brand new issue of Airsoft International, revisiting the classic Black Hawk Down load out we all know and love, plus an exclusive first look at the new ASG CZ 805 BREN AEG!

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Contents – Volume 12 Issue 4

9 – On the Cover – Something swanky caught your eye? Don’t worry about searching high and low, we itemised all the best bits here!

12-15 – Reader’s Gallery – Your images your kit and your guns out in the field. Get featured in the Ai reader’s gallery by sending them to [email protected]

16-17 Local Load Outs – Our long standing feature has returned this month with another reader’s load out. Check out what’s in use!

22-29 – KIT UP! – BLACK HAWK DOWN – To celebrate 15 years since this seminal movie was released, we return to the infamous “Delta” look, and you can win it!

32-33 – Take it like a man! – Phil B. discusses the ins and outs of hit taking and the reasons why things might not always be as they seem.

34-35 – Stirling Airsoft – Jacob gets his first taste of a mil-sim event run by Stirling Airsoft and finds out a little more about the whole operation.

36-38 – Spectre Miniatures – Tabletop Wargaming might be a more familiar concept to some, but we check out some awesome modern military models!

40-43 – WE Airsoft G18C Double Barrel – Probably the most ridiculous airsoft pistol to have ever graced the workbench of AiHQ, courtesy of JD Airsoft.

46-47 – Red 1 Airsoft – The Boat – Nobody beats Jez in the kitchen when he checks out Red 1 Airsoft’s unique new skirmish hot-spot.

48-50 – Gear Zone – There’s a whole host of interesting new kit on show this months, from PTS parts to tiny tents!

52-55 – ASG CZ805 BREN – FIRST LOOK AT THIS ALL NEW RIFLE FROM ASG! it’s been a long time coming but ASG’s latest blaster is worth the wait.

58-59 – Weighed Down – To gear or not to gear, that is the question. S23 talk load outs and how to get them right, or wrong as the case may be!

62-64 – Tried and Tested – Internal parts, tactical kit and a couple of little extras are all tested and evaluated this month. Find out where to spend your pocket money!

66-67 – Project: Imperium – Jay makes incremental progress on the mammoth task of building a Space Marine’s Bolt Gun as seen in Warhammer 40,000.

70-71 – Console Culture – This month we wonder about the inevitable and unavoidable influence computer games are having on airsoft games.

75-80 – AEG Overhaul – Step by step, essential jobs for you to keep your AEG in tip-top shape!

82-83 – Capped Off! – 5 baseball caps courtesy of Military 1st, each one for less than a tenner!

86 – Reader’s Letters – Have your say and send in your letters… Obviously you can email them in in this day and age!


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