Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 12 Issue 3 – 13 Hours

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Check out the latest issue of Airsoft International, featuring our budget-friendly take on the hit movie, 13 Hours – The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Although this sits on the cover, there’s plenty more inside, so don’t delay, order your copy now!

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Contents – Volume 12 Issue 3

9 – On the Cover – Something swanky caught your eye? Don’t worry about searching high and low, we itemised all the best bits here!

12-15 – Reader’s Gallery – Your images your kit and your guns out in the field. Get featured in the Ai reader’s gallery by sending them to [email protected]

16-17 Local Load Outs – Our long standing feature has returned this month with another reader’s load out. Check out what’s in use!

20 – Hazard 4 Clerk Pack – Check out our brief overview of the Hazard 4 Clerk Pack from Military 1st. Ideal for everyday life, tough enough for the skirmish field!

22-29 – KIT UP! – 13 Hours – Gear up for the fight of your life with our overview of the gear and kit used in this blockbuster movie.

32-33 – Phil’s Real Deal – Our resident contributor Phil B. takes on the debate about real steel kit vs clone gear. Where’s it worth putting your money?

34-35 – Serious Airsoft Soldiers – Don’t worry Ma’am, we’re here from the internet! Jacob wonders if it’s possible to take it all too seriously.

36-37 – Fix & Repair – A small selection of wallet-friendly items that will keep you in action even when it all goes wrong!

40-43 – Classic Army CA33E – This classic HK rifle might be a little long in the tooth but we take in a welcome break from M4 after M4…

46-47 – LALO Tactical Footwear – Designed by Tier 1 US Forces personnel and with a range to suit all activities, LALO are the brand to have on your feet this summer.

48-50 – Ronin Tactics Assaulters Lite – Check out what we think about this super-gucci JPC-based plate carrier. Is it hipster enough for you gear whores?

52-53 – ASG M40A3 – Check Point! We check back on the ASG M40A3 after 6 months of use. Find out what we’ve added and upgraded.

54-55 – Bargain Basement – You don’t get a better AK for the money you will pay for the LCT LCKM Economy NV. Learn more about this solid buy!

58-59 – Love the player, love the game! – Gear Monkey asks is the all about your state of mind, and how the right attitude can ensure a fulfilling game.

62-64 – Tried and Tested – Internal parts, tactical kit and a couple of little extras are all tested and evaluated this month. Find out where to spend your pocket money!

66-67 – Project: Imperium – Jay makes incremental progress on the mammoth task of building a Space Marine’s Bolt Gun as seen in Warhammer 40,000.

70-71 – Letters to STANTA – The UK Mil-Sim scene has lost the use of the STANTA facility so is it now time to start thinking about moving on to the next step?

75-80 – Poseidon Barrel Swap – We fit and test the Poseidon Inner Barrel in a basic AEG platform. Find out how it performs and learn essential tech skills with our how-to guide.

82-83 – Real Gear – IFAK – Learn about the contents of military individual first aid kits and hope you never need to use on!

86 – Reader’s Letters – Have your say and send in your letters… Obviously you can email them in in this day and age!6


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