Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 12 Issue 1 – Green Light

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Ai Volume 12 Issue 1 has a green light! We check out Invader Gear’s latest kit, 3K Tailoring shows us the process behind a RAID-style mod and we review a brace of beautiful Hi-Capas… Don’t miss out!

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9 – ON THE COVER – Something caught your eye? Find out what you need to add to the shopping list here.

12-13 – GALLERY – Your images of games and capers from around the world. Send your own snaps to [email protected]

16-17 – LOCAL LOAD OUTS – Your kit, your way. Local Loadouts is a celebration of how YOU make it work on the field.

22-27 – GOING GREEN – We take a look at Invader Gear’s combat uniform and pair it up with some of our favourite all-green kit from recent month’s. This might just be summer’s load out!

28-29 – PUT A SOCK IN IT! – We pick 5 essential summer socks to keep you on your feet this summer.

32-33 – VELVET REVOLVER – Unfortunate circumstances caused a change of plans for Phil, giving him the opportunity to talk about one of his favourite airsoft indulgences.

34-35 – AIRSOFT IN THE MEDIA – Jacob is back again with another searching insight into airsoft, this time it is on how airsoft in represented in the media.

36-37 – LOCK N LOAD – this month it’s all about laying out your kit and the base levels of an effective load out. Start out right!

40-43 – ARMORER WORKS KX-SERIES – Two hot hi-capas are on the way from Land Warrior Airsoft and we take a sneak peek at them.

46-50 – CAG OP: EAGLE FURY – 36 hours of immersion in one of the most realistic and intense events we have ever been to.

52-55 – CLASSIC ARMY CA36C – Classically the preserve of the noob, has the G36 AEG got anything to offer the seasoned player?

58-59— IN AT THE DEEP END – S23, our tame gear monkey, is a veteran of many an airsoft event and here’s how he gears up.

62-64 – TRIED AND TESTED – Plenty of kit on test this month in Tried and Tested. Treat your gun inside and out!

66-67 – WORKSHOP – In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war… So we are getting ready for it with Project: Imperium!

70-71 – FIRING POINT – Preparation is everything, but this month’s Firing Point, we ponder if it’s best to just go with the flow?

75-79 – DEVIL IN THE DETAILS – Upgrade your Glock with the amazing Agency Arms Urban Combat G17 kit!

80-83 – MODS AND ROCKERS – 3K Tailoring show us how they performed the popular Raid-style modifications on a BDU shirt.

86 – READER’S LETTER – Your chance to vent some frustration and voice an opinion so take a stand and make yourself heard!


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