Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 11 Issue 8

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10 – Gallery – Reader’s images from around the globe! Got a shot of you in action? Send it through to [email protected]

12-13 – TEAM SCENE – Are you a die-hard bunch of military impressionists or simply a rag-tag group of best friends? It doesn’t matter, we want to hear how you play and where you do it!

16-17 – Local Load outs – Send in your load out to earn your place within the pages of Airsoft International! Turn to Page 18 for more information.
22-29 – KIT UP! – Reaper Crew – Our exclusive interview with the guys behind Reaper Crew Airsoft! Photos by Thomas Cox.
32-33 – Recoil Vs PTW – Phil questions whether recoil AEGs have left the PTW platform in the dust!

34-37 – Fighting Fit – Is airsoft feeling a little too much like hard work these days? Maybe you need to get fighting fit…

40-45 – All Out ATACS – Blend in anywhere with a full coverage load out from Warrior Assault Systems.

48-50 – Pistols Only! – Don’t neglect your trusty sidearm! Nut up or shut up and go pistols only!

52 — 54 – Head 2 Head 416 – Umarex rule the roost when it comes to the hottest AR out there right now, but which 416 is the best?
56-57 – JPC vs CPC – Our tame gearmonkey pits these two popular but totally different rigs head to head.

58 – Staff Shooters – Kit that lasts the test of time is rare, but this month we show off a piece that has been with us since the stone age!

62-64 – Tried and Tested – Every month we test a selection of kit to let you know what’s hot and what’s not!

66-67 – Heroes in a half shell! – Viper Tactical’s new shell jacket will keep you in the game this winter!

70-71 – Firing Point – Is realism still critical to the game of airsoft or have things changed beyond recognition?
75-80 – Medn your MOSCARTS – Get your 40mmm shells back in the game with our simple guide.
82-83 – Stocking Fillers – The year is wearing on and it’s time to think about what you might want Santa to bring…

84 – Reader Offer – Snag a bargain with our Reader Offers. Check back every month for new deals!

86 – Reader’s Letter – Write in with your views and be in with a chance to win a fun prize from AiHQ!


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