Airsoft International Magazine – Volume 11 Issue 7

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8 & 12 – Gallery – Reader’s images from around the globe! Got a shot of you in action? Send it through to [email protected]

16-17 – Local Load outs – Send in your load out to earn your place within the pages of Airsoft International! Turn to Page 14 for more information.

22-29 – KIT UP! – GOING GREEN – We don some great green kit for the coming winter with a little help from Huey’s MTO.

32-33 – Airsoft Vs Real Steel – In his debut feature for Ai, new contributor Phil asks if airsoft deserves a place amongst real steel shooters!

34-37 – Ai500 Operation: Viper’s Strike – We present a photo roundup from our recent big Ai500 game!

40-41 – Site Report – Operation: Snakebite from CAG went down at the beginning of October and we have a blow by blow account of the realistic action.

42-43 – Ai Industry Awards – it’s time once more to nominate your favourite retailers, manufacturers, technicians and websites in another round of the Ai Industry Awards!

44-45 – Site Report – Have you checked out London’s newest CQB site, Blitz CQB? Find out more here!

48-50 – Which Recoil is best? – We finally answer the burning question about which TM Next Gen. Recoil AEG is the best one!

52-54 – Ares Vz. 58 – Made famous by Strike Back, the Ares Vz. 58 is a basic shooter, but does it have what it takes?

56-57 – Why choose a PTW? – Another new contribution from our equivalent of “The Stig”… Find out why he uses the gun he does!

58 – Staff Shooters – Positive Mental Attitude – In the last of a three part diversion form the norm, we cover how attitude influences airsoft!

62-64 – Tried and Tested – Every month we test a selection of kit to let you know what’s hot and what’s not!

66-67 – Viper FAST Helmet – Viper Tactical offer up their take on the popular FAST helmet design and we check them out.

70-71 – Firing Point – Hate the player not the game! We ponder how the actions of individuals can impact an entire game.

72-73 – Project Charlie – Jay forges on with his crazy creation. Find out how the Carl Gustav is coming on.

75-80 – Training Weapon Service – Give your training weapon a once over after a hard summer of intense action!

82-83 – Stocking Fillers – The year is wearing on and it’s time to think about what you might want Santa to bring… Heres some tasty ideas from Military 1st!

84 – Reader Offer – Snag a bargain with our Reader Offers. Check back every month for new deals!

86 – Reader’s Letter – Write in with your views and be in with a chance to win a fun prize from AiHQ!


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