Airsoft International Magazine Volume 11 Issue 6

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8 – Gallery – Reader’s images from around the globe! Got a shot of you in action? Send it through to [email protected]

12-13 – Local Load outs – Send in your load out to earn your place within the pages of Airsoft International! Turn to Page 14 for more information.

16-19 – TEAM SCENE – Are you a die-hard bunch of military impressionists or simply a rag-tag group of best friends? It doesn’t matter, we want to hear how you play and where you do it!

22-29 – Warrior’s Path! – We check out the latest evolution of Warrior Assault Systems gear and find out just how far it has come in recent years.

32-35 – Vortex Optics – Real steel sight and optics with airsoft friendly prices? Sounds to good to be true but just wait until you read about the unlimited lifetime warranty!

38-39 – Bagged & Tagged – Military 1st help us showcase a great selection of luggage products to help you get your show on the road.

40-41 – Zero Dark Thirty – One of the most influential movies, the one that spawned a thousand (or more) load outs is recapped here!

42-43 – Ai Industry Awards – it’s time once more to nominate your favourite retailers, manufacturers, technicians and websites in another round of the Ai Industry Awards!

48-50 – Socom Gear Noveske N4 – An interesting licensed AEG from Socom Gear bearing full Noveske trademarks and a lively NSR rail.

52-54 – Tokyo Marui Sig P226 E2 – The original P226 is a firm favourite, a classic if you will, so what’s new with the E2 version… Find out if it’s really any better.

56-57 – Train and gain? – The difference between airsoft and real firearms is that you can shoot each other harmlessly, so why do many choose to shoot static targets under the guise of “training”?

58 – Staff Shooters – Health and Fitness – Once again we are looking at a slightly “unconventional” weapon in the Ai Armoury and it’s perhaps one we have not maintained as well as we should have!

62-67 – Tried and Tested – Every month we test a selection of kit to let you know what’s hot and what’s not!

70-71 – Firing Point – Radios, legality and effective communication are on Frenchie’s hitlist this time around. If you like to talk, you need to read this!

72-73 – Project Charlie – Jay forges on with his crazy creation. Find out how the Carl Gustav is coming on.

75-80 – SCAR-H DMR – The final part of our guide on upgrading the Tokyo Marui SCAR-H to pack a mighty punch!

82-83 – ICS SIG Commando – it’s no new release but the ICS Sig 552 Commando might be the hidden gem you are looking for if you need something a little different to get your fix!

84 – Reader Offer – Snag a bargain with our Reader Offers. Check back every month for new deals!

86 – French Letter – What motivates us to do what we do? Frenchie gets a little philanthropic this month with his regular French Letter…



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